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    Ice Baths After Workout: The Real Benefits and Myths of Frozen Muscles

    The practice of taking ice baths after intense physical activity has gained popularity among athletes and health-conscious individuals. It is a procedure that some claim helps to promote recovery and reduce muscle pain. However, there are many questions and myths regarding whether ice baths can...
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    Muscle weakness and joint pain.

    Hello, I used To be a avid bodybuilder now on trt (20mg daily test enanthate no ai). A symptom I’ve been dealing with for awhile is muscle weakness and joint pain. My muscles are fatigued easily (they burn right away from exertion) and my muscle contractions are poor (there soft even when...
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    Painfully tight scrotum

    Does anyone else have the problem of their scrotum constantly staying so tight, due to the dartos muscles, that it is painful? Before starting TRT and nandrolone, my scrotum hung loose unless I got into cold water. Now the only time the muscles relax is when I apply a heating pad to my...
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