Ankle swelling after starting testosterone injections

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I got this question from a friend of mine today who started testosterone replacement 3 weeks ago (injections of 100 mg per week):

"I've been gaining a lot of weight. Does this mean my estradiol is high? I don't have any nipple soreness or severe bloating but my ankles and wrist are swelling."

Here was my answer:

Testosterone is anabolic, and it will cause some nitrogen, sodium and water retention. Some men have water retention (edema) during the first few weeks of TRT which can be reflected as increased weight or ankle swelling. This edema may or may not be associated with high estradiol (only knowing your blood level of estradiol can tell this). Edema may be worsened in patients with preexisting cardiac, renal, or hepatic disease (watch for high liver enzymes and/or decreased creatinine clearance). Edema can be worsened by NSAIDs (Tylenol, Advil, etc), so they should be discontinued to see if it resolves. Sometimes switching from injections to testosterone creams is sufficient to decrease edema. Some physicians also prescribe a short round of diuretics.

If edema does not resolve after 4 weeks on therapy, referral to cardiology is suggested for vascular tests.

What Is Peripheral Arterial Disease?

Comments anyone?
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I have seen guys having this issue even with low estradiol (treated with anastrozole)

They tend to have more than one comorbidity like diabetes, hypertension, high body mass and fat content, etc
I started to notice very slight swelling in my ankle on one leg and it progressively swelled more each day, by day 4 or 5 my ankle was not discernible <sp?>.
This am the swelling was down considerably and throughout the day it has somewhat returned to about 50% of what it was on the highest swelling level.
Do I need to be concerned about this?
Im on 100 im weekly Bi-Test, administered 2x/ wk , and 1000 HCG admin daily
Your TRT weekly dosage is not clear from your post. Is it 100mg per week, or 200mg per week?

I believe you're saying it's 100mg per week split into two injections of 50mg per week. Is that correct?
dang man, 1000 iu of hcg per week, my clinic only recommended 500 iu once per week, but i discovered 1 shot of 250 iu 1 time per week worked great for me both when i was on test @ 200 mlg per week and when i lowered the dosage to 100 mlg per week, id pin test at 50 mlg 2 times per week and hcg on wednesdays at 250 iu's and anastrozole 1 mlg 1 time per week...

at that amount of hcg it has to be e2, have u had it checked?

might also try sub q test a few times per week along with hcg 2 times per week at 125 per pin? ive seen blood levels level out better and e2 stay controllable at those dosages ive stated...ur total test ust be thru the ruff? unless u have extremely low test and or perhaps teste issues?
not sure why, but myorig mess was truncated............clarification and correction

1000iu HCG / week........I break this up into daily subq..........

500 iu Bi-Test/weekly ..........separate half doses 2x/week sub q