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  1. Vince

    Reassessing the evidence of a survival advantage in Type 2 diabetes treated with metformin

    In 2014 (almost 10 years ago), Bannister published a paper that got the world very excited about metformin Many people have heard the concept of this paper In many ways it’s the paper that has led to the excitement around the potential for geroprotection with Metformin Metformin is a drug...
  2. BigTex

    Metformin potential COVID-19 therapeutic agent

    Metformin has been identified as a potential COVID-19 therapeutic agent because of its possible action against the proteins that are involved in translation, its antiviral activity in vitro, and its anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic activities...
  3. BigTex

    Effect of metformin on the epigenetic age

    Background: Metformin has been proven to have an antiaging effect. However, studies on how metformin affects global epigenetic regulation and its effect on the epigenetic clock in diabetes mellitus (DM) patients are limited. This study aims to investigate the impact of metformin on the...
  4. M

    METFORMIN - no change in glucose readings

    I've been on Metformin for a month now. I am not diabetic and am taking it for the anti-aging and cardiovascular benefits, etc. I eat the same diet (low carb). I have not seen any difference in my fasting or postprandial readings. Same issue with taking berberine (which I still take with...
  5. E

    Any low SHBG tried metformin?

    Did metformin increase your shbg?
  6. N

    Metformin Lowers Testosterone?

    I have been taking Metformin for just the benefits. For the past year, I am not diabetic. I was not under the impression that it lowers your testosterone. I was informed by my doctor that it lowers your testosterone. And I also jumped online and looked apparently it does. I don’t know if this is...
  7. B

    Anyone here use Metformin ?

    Im wondering if it is a safe long term medication if you are “ borderline pre diabetic”? Example, fasting glucose of 110... anyone have any thoughts?
  8. J

    Metformin as an Aromatase Inhibitor?

    Getting right to the point, study upon study has shown that Metformin appears to be an efficacious aromatase inhibitor. For those of you taking it with TRT, have you noticed any low E2 related symptoms associated with its use? On a side note, this might just solve the myriad of E2 related...
  9. Vince

    Metformin and Its Benefits in Improving Gut Microbiota

    I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on research (animal studies mostly) demonstrating that metformin treatment could increase A. muciniphila gut population.... Lee H, Ko G. Effect of metformin on metabolic improvement and gut microbiota. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2014 Oct;80(19):5935-43...
  10. M

    Anyone ever try transdermal metformin?

    As an alternative to oral metformin; bypasses the gut and all the associated side effects. There are several compounding pharmacies that offer TD metformin.
  11. M

    Metformin Question

    I started 500 MG Metformin ER about 3 months ago as a preventative medicine and to help my Insulin resistance (from GH). I really have not seen any positive results as far as blood sugars and weight loss. But my body is achy and joints hurt like never before. Anybody else experience this? TRT...
  12. J

    FDA Finds High Levels of Carcinogen in Metformin

    From Yahoo News: The U.S Food and Drug Administration said on Wednesday it had found high levels of a possible cancer-causing impurity in some versions of the popular diabetes drug metformin. The agency is reaching out to companies whose drugs had N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) over accepted...
  13. N

    Metformin > b12 deficiency > gray hair?

    I’ve noticed a rapid increase of graying in my beard over the last year since I’ve been on metformin. Has this happened to anyone else? I read it could be due to b12 deficiency. I’m 35 years old. I’m not overly concerned except isn’t metformin supposed to reduce oxidative stress theoretically...
  14. Rock H. Johnson

    Metformin Decreases Aerobic Capacity, Muscle Mass and Testosterone

    I have been on 2x1000mg a day but I lost my endurance(Kun Khmer/Muay Thai training) and workout capacity/volume. I had no common sides from it, no diarrea etc, but felt physically limited. A strange feeling of being limited by the amount of energy the body had stored or could generate on the...
  15. H

    Stopping Metformin transient glucose increase

    For those who stopped taking metformin. Did you experience a transient increase in fasted blood glucose? My blood glucose on metformin has been around 90 (97-99 without it before using). After a few weeks of quitting metformin i had bloodwork done and fasted blood glucose came at 105. Wondering...
  16. J

    Metformin Reduces Muscle Growth from Resistance Training

    A new blinded study found that metformin reduces muscle growth from resistance training. A cautionary note to those taking it for anti-aging purposes. The full text of the study is available at the link. Progressive resistance exercise training (PRT) is the most effective known intervention for...
  17. D

    Thinking of trying metformin with TRT

    Hi, I would say after 6 months on TRT I am close to dailled in, or at least the best I've been. Pre-TRT and during TRT I've had periods where I've trained every day, seen my strength and fitness go up (benching bodyweight, squad and deadlift 2x bodyweight, completed tough mudder, found it...
  18. C


    I wanted to share my experience because it has been an absolute game changer for me as far as my TRT is concerned. I was diagnosed with low T about 18 months ago and have been trying to get "dialed in" for a while. I learned about shbg, tracking my sensitive e2, the half lives of different...
  19. W

    Drinking with Metformin

    How would you guys handle this situation?? About 3 months ago i started Metfromin at 1g daily. In about a month I'll be getting together with a group of buddies for our annual 4 days of shenanigans. We will be drinking alcohol in excess for most of each day, probably starting Bloody Marry's...
  20. B

    Sleep Issues with Protocol Change?

    A few things in my protocol changed recently: I switched from T cream (applied to the scrotum) to injections (200 mg), I added Danazol (25 mg EOD), and I added Metformin (500 mg AM & PM). Around the time of these changes, I started experiencing sleep issues: either waking up early in the morning...
  21. madman

    Real-World Adequacy of Glycaemic Control in Treatment-Naïve Greek Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Initiating Treatment with Metformin

    Real-World Adequacy of Glycaemic Control in Treatment-Naïve Greek Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Initiating Treatment with Metformin Monotherapy at the Maximum Tolerated Dose: The Reload Study ABSTRACT Background Metformin, in the absence of contraindications or intolerance, is...
  22. DragonBits

    IFG-1, IGF-1 signaling, good or bad?

    I am a little confused about IGF-1 issues. There is a thread suggestion that higher IGF-1 levels are good for your health, and drugs are sold to stimulate GF/IGF-1 production. On the other hand, Metformin is a drug that is often recommended for glucose control as well as its anti-aging...
  23. I

    Trying to control E2 via Fat loss, Daily injections, Calcium D-Glucarate, Metforming and Cialis

    After reading/hearing about the dangers (especially bone loss) of long term Anastrozol usage I have committed myself to control E2 using the following approach: 1) Lose more body fat: Already lost 35-40kg, but need to lose around 5-10 more to get into the single digits. Some people report...
  24. madman

    A reappraisal on metformin

    MET is a widely used oral anti-diabetic drug for the treatment of T2DM without causing weight gain over 50 years. Besides MET is mainly used for treatment of DM, it has also anticancer effect by inhibiting cancer cell proliferation and tumor growth. Because activation of AMPK has been considered...
  25. M

    Metformin Reduces Diabetic Risk by Improving Gut Health

    "Since 1995, Life Extension® has recommended metformin to nondiabetics as a possible way to slow biological aging. Metformin’s primary beneficial mechanism is to increase cellular AMPK. As people age, AMPK activity declines and sets the stage for a host of degenerative illnesses. New studies...
  26. D

    Metformin and Finding an Optimal Dosage

    I've been reading a lot about Metformin on this forum. I'm impressed with what I've read and I've decided to give it a shot. I started with 500mg ER once per day. Felt maybe a tiny bit better. Then jumped to 500mg EG twice per day (1000mg per day total). I feel fine on this higher dosage...
  27. D

    Anyone using Berberine HCl instead of Metformin for insulin control?

    I have been researching this ... looks very promising ... less side effects. Sincerely ... DK
  28. G

    Metformin and insomnia

    I’m taking metformin 500 morning and night. For anti aging purposes only. Im not diabetic. My a1c is 5. The problem I’m having taking before bed keeps me awake for hours. Has anyone else had this? I may just take it once a day only
  29. M

    Anyone currently using metformin and getting it online?

    Anyone currently using metformin and getting it online? If so, where from and do you feel it is working for you? What benefits are you getting? Any issues?
  30. J

    Metformin side effects

    I have been on 1500mg of Metformin SR daily for over a month now. I added it to my TRT protocol because I have had issues with insulin resistance and bloating/weight gain when eating carbs. I currently take a 500mg capsule halfway through my meals (9am, 2pm, 8pm) with a large glass of water...
  31. Nelson Vergel

    Is Metformin a Miracle Drug ? : Nelson Vergel Explains

    Jay Campbell invited me to present a review of relevant data on the use of Metformin in men with and without diabetes. I hope you enjoy the work I put into explaining the data to clarify the myths and facts about this old drug that is creating so much interest in the anti-aging world.
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