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  1. M

    Help Please - going to try PCT Restart after 22 years of TRT

    Hello all, Thank you all for your help and guidance in advance. I sincerely appreciate it. PROBLEM I've been on TRT for over 22 years after using light anabolics in college at the age of 20. I used Testosterone for 22 years. I have been to many doctors around the world, most of which are...
  2. V

    Restart attempt log

    Hi all, I'm attempting a restart of hpta after 14 years taking TRT. I've had enough of ups and downs, chasing numbers and feeling like rubbish. Had a heart attack at xmas due to a blocked artery and slightly high cholesterol. Met a wonderful girl been with a few years and we would like to...
  3. J

    What else to use for PCT?

    I took both clomid and enclomid and I could not tolerate them due to their visual side effects. What else can I take for PCT?
  4. R

    Recommendation for proper PCT after TRT Misdiagnosis

    Hey guys having to get off TRT, and looking for a strong pct, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated
  5. D

    Fertility PCT for 41 yr old on TRT for 6 years

    hi guys, hope you're well, and advanced gratitude for any guidance here. I'm 41, and have been on 150mg Test E per week for 6 years, some variances in the past - but for the most part this is my protocol. I've been shooting once a week, and taking 12.5mg Exemestane EOD. I live in the...
  6. S

    PCT Protocol

    Greetings All, I have made a decision to come off TRT after 17 months. I would prefer not to get into the long explanation of why as it would take me a week of writing. However, I would really appreciate any feedback on my PCT. Current TRT Protocol - 80 mg Testosterone (EOD injections) and...
  7. S

    PCT after 17 months of TRT

    Hello All, Thank you all for being so open with your knowledge. This place has helped me and I am sure countless others. Please continue this mission. I have made a decision to come off TRT after 17 months. I would prefer not to get into the long explanation of why as it would take me a week...
  8. D

    Enclomiphine timing

    Greeting Gents, I am in the process of coming off TRT after 2 years. I took 500iu HCG for a month and for a week after last injection. I started 25mg enclomiphine every night 10 days after last injection. 3 days after starting enclomiphine, I feel AWFUL. I feel like I haven’t slept even...
  9. H

    HCG William Llewellyn

    I read an old article by William Llewellyn on PCT, where he recommended 5000iu HCG every 5 days for a quick recovery..What do you guys think? Thank you very much
  10. C

    PCT Advice

    So here I am again...let's just say I'm a living breathing definition of insanity. I have been jumping on and off the TRT train for the last three years or so hoping for a different outcome each time... I jump on... experience sides, adjust my dosage and injection protocol...but in the end I...
  11. S

    Post trt cycle therapy

    I have been off trt for 2 weeks now and have been taking Raloxifene and enclomiphene during that time. My question is if I should start taking my dhea 25-50mg and boron 10mg daily. My testosterone pre trt was pretty good with just taking dhea and boron. Not sure if there's a point to start...
  12. N

    It's time to come off the trt

    Hi all. After four years on trt it's time to stop. My libido is worse than ever . I've had everything checked and there is nothing that seems to be wrong.. E2 is low and I have been on E2 tablets but this seems to be making the matter worse. Maybe my natural E2 level is meant to be low. I had a...
  13. L

    Trt restart/pct

    Hi all Thanks for reading this post, any help would be very much appreciated. I have been on low dose trt and hcg for 14 months. I'm from the UK and my trt journey had been an absolute nightmare. My Dr just isn't interested and has miss managed my treatmentfrom the start. I am now in a much...
  14. C

    Help coming off TRT after 2 years.

    Hey guys long story short I have been on TRT for two years and due to my hair thinning I recently shaved my head. After shaving my head I realized that I have developed CVG. This is a very rare skin disease. From the research that I’ve done it can be caused by hormonal issues and high...
  15. L

    Stopping my trt..questions about latest pct protocols

    Hi everyone So after 2 yrs of ups and downs with my trt..I am just tired of it and have decided to stop. I am pretty familiar with the pct protocols but as I was reading thru I saw some posts and seems a few things have changed. My current trt is 22 ml of Test C twice a week and 200 iu of hcg...
  16. A

    Stopped TRT , on restart protocol , feeling good so far

    Hey all, So as the title says I stopped TRT and now am on a restart protocol. I was on TRT since June of this year but came to the conclusion that it’s not for me, atleast not right now. I stopped because although I was feeling better than pre TRT , I just don’t think I was benefiting enough...
  17. F

    PCT advise

    Hello guys, i need some help with my post cycle therapy this is my first cycle im 34 years old male been back to working out before 4 years now 182cm tall 95kg yes i have fat around 20% not sure tho maybe less. since i started test e till now i gained +- 6 kgs .. i started taking Test E alone...
  18. R

    Short Course: Pathology of the Endocrine Module (Axis)

    https://www.uthsc.edu/endocrinology/documents/ch08-syllabus-Childress.pdf This 2010 course intended for UT health sciences students of Dale Childress MD is a decent reference material and a fairly easy read for the advanced layman. excerpt: 'Both neural input from the central nervous system...
  19. R

    The endocrinologist's guide to managing self-treating patients

    Male Central Hypogonadism Secondary to Exogenous Androgens Clin Endocrinol. 2015;82(5):624-632. In this paper a group of clinicians acknowledges that practitioners are encountering an increasing number of patients seeking help with recovery from self-administered anabolic steroids. [...
  20. T

    PCT Protocol / Sperm Count

    Hello all. Last month I went to get a sperm analysis done and although not surprising, but still upsetting, the test came back as zero. I have been on a blast/cruise of AAS for the past 26 months as I bodybuild and powerlift. I was seeing tons of early success in both sports so extended my...
  21. Nelson Vergel

    Getting Off Testosterone or Anabolics? You May Want to Read this HPTA protocol

    Some men need to stop using testosterone or other androgens because side effects are a problem (e.g. low sperm count interferes with their goal to have children). Most physicians advise the patient to just stop testosterone without thinking about the possible consequences of the hypogonadal...
  22. Nelson Vergel

    HPTA Restart in Young Men After Anabolic Steroids

    Anabolic steroids and testosterone shut down the body's Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis (HPTA) while people use them and for a few weeks after cessation of these compounds. However, some men's testosterone production does not recover back to baseline values. These men have testosterone...
  23. Nelson Vergel

    Low Testosterone Caused by Anabolic Steroids

    More and more young men (under 35 years of age) are seeking help after they become hypogonadal after anabolic steroid use. In many, normal testosterone production starts weeks after stopping anabolic steroid use. But in some of these men it seems that normal testosterone production does not...
  24. Michael Scally

    How to Stop Testosterone or Anabolics Safely? What PCT Programs Work?

    It Takes a While for Your Body to Start your Own Testosterone and Sperm Production Some men may want to stop testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) due to side effects or the wish to improve fertility. We know that stopping TRT or AAS suddenly can cause...
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