Skin issues while on testosterone?

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Has anyone experienced eczema like skin issues while on TRT? I don't mean injection site issues like redness and inflammation but systemic hive like, extremely itchy raised lesions on the back, chest, right and left flank. I have been off TRT for a few months now and the issue has increased. The funny thing is, and I know this from experiencing it in the past, if I were to restart TRT the issue would subside for a few months but then slowly reappear. So am I right to question if it is an estrogen issue? I do have bloodwork coming up the end of the week. I'm hoping as my hormones continue to get back to baseline (be it hypo or wnl) this issue will subside. My hydrocortisone budget has surpassed my testosterone expense.
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I speculate it is probably more likely an allergic reaction to the carrier oil. Might be worth changing things up. Empower compounds using grapeseed oil but also offers cottonseed versions.
Has anyone experienced eczema like skin issues while on TRT?
Yes, and three different causes were vitamin D, potassium and iron deficiency. The skin problems were slightly different depending on the deficiency and had all three together and each one separately many times over.

Believe it or not, potassium helps hydrate the skin by shifting fluid balance in the body, vitamin D helps provide a skin barrier and helps skin cell growth. Iron provides oxygen to your skin and without oxygen cells die.
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Histamine or mast cell issue? Have you seen an immunologist or spoken with your PCP? Idiopathic urticaria is no joke (if that's what you have). Maybe it's not idiopathic. 5-10 mg/day cetirizine does the trick for a lot of people.

Why hydrocortizone? Oral or topical? Other issue you are being treated for?
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I did see a dermatologist...she prescribed does seem to do the trick. But when it flares up the hydrocortisone cream (1%) is very helpful. I'm just curious as to why this started because I have never had any skin issues in my life, not even acne...It all started after I started Testosterone (self prescribed). And Like I mentioned earlier I am currently not taking testosterone, but if I was to start again it would go away....but return after a couple of months. I did try compounds with both grape seed and cotton seed oil (different labs). It really seems like a hormonal issue. I am hopeful that it will clear up as my hormones hit baseline. Pre trt I was considered "lower end of normal" with regards to my test according to my doc. I shouldn't have messed with things, hindsight is 20/20 they say...I'm a testament of "if it ain't broke don't fix it"....
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