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Not sure the best forum here to post but here goes. i looked at all of the forum choices to post too.

60 years old. Been on TRT for five years. Life changing. I started to lose my hair and used topical minoxidil and been on Duasteride for two years now. Feel no side effects.

Here’s the issue, my hair loss accelerated when I added Nandrolone. I’ve a very arthritic left knee with bone on bone. Headed to a knee replacement someday. Anyway, I used Nandrolone for obvious joint benefits. I had read after the fact that nandrolone and Duasteride in not a good mix. And would rather not kill all my DHT either.

So long story short, I’d like to get off Duasteride and take oral minoxidil instead and go back to using Nandrolone. I’m on 200mg test cyp per week EOD. i previously used 140/60 TC/Nand.

Anyone else been through this? Thoughts?
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