hair loss

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  1. J

    Pregnenelone Hair Loss

    Has anyone experienced significant hairloss on Pregnenelone? And if so, at what dosage? Anything that causes hair loss I’m pretty against using, unfortunately. However, I feel so much better just a few days only 30mg
  2. A

    Topical dutasteride?

    Defy has a topical Dutasteride. Im considering giving it a try, anyone have experience with this? I dont have bad hairloss, just want to be preventative. Dont want to drop DHT systemically.
  3. M

    Hair loss, TRT, Oral Minoxidl, Testing?

    So I have been doing TRT for 15 years. For the past 6 months I have reduced my levels down to .3ml per week of 200 mg/ml Test Cypionate from Hikma (thru Kroger). The shots are always Subq. (Test results are below) I kept stepping down because of hair loss. I'm just about at 3 months using...
  4. J

    TRT with HCG & Hair Loss

    Has anyone on here experienced increased hair loss from HCG while on TRT? If so, will it likely grow back once the HCG is stopped. I’m figuring the hormonal change might be the reason. I’m getting some frontal thinning and it’s no bueno.
  5. Abonicex

    My beard keeps falling and falling. Less and less every day. when will it stop?

    It makes me feel so bad. I ddin't know how much i liked my beard until now that i am losing it... When will it stop? It will grow back, right? I've been on trt (enanthate) for 6 weeks more or less i think now.
  6. 3

    Rogaine/Minoxidil does it work with? Cialis/Metformin

    Hello, Does anyone know if cialis and metformin stops or makes rogaine/minoxidil less effective for hair regrowth? Metformin decreases pge2 level:
  7. K

    Oral Minoxidil

    Not sure the best forum here to post but here goes. i looked at all of the forum choices to post too. 60 years old. Been on TRT for five years. Life changing. I started to lose my hair and used topical minoxidil and been on Duasteride for two years now. Feel no side effects. Here’s the...
  8. FunkOdyssey

    Poll: Cream vs Injection DHT Sides

    I'm interested to hear from men that have tried both injections and cream when it comes to side effects commonly attributed to DHT, like acne and hair loss. It is clear that serum DHT on cream is ridiculously elevated to many multiples of the normal range in almost everyone using it. However...
  9. Nelson Vergel

    Oral Minoxidil for Hair Loss Has anyone tried oral minoxidil? I am starting it next week.
  10. Systemlord

    MicroRNA can regrow 90% of lost hair, researchers find.
  11. Vince

    A Surprising Link Between Immune System and Hair Growth

    Summary: Regulatory T cells interact with skin cells using glucocorticoid hormones to generate new hair follicles and promote hair growth. The findings could have positive implications for the development of new therapies to treat alopecia and other hair loss disorders. In acute cases of...
  12. B

    Empower Pharmacy Hair Loss Products... Anybody using?

    I think I'm going to give this a try: Hair Restore Ultra Scalp Solution - 60 mL Dropper Bottle of Minoxidil / Azelaic Acid / Finasteride / Ketoconazole 5/12.5/0.1/2% I'd like to get the finasteride component down to .05 or .025..... What is a good vehicle to mix with this... I was thinking of...
  13. R

    Hair loss on TRT

    I am currently on 100mg/week Test Cypionate, and .25mg Analtrozole same day. My body is more hairy than ever since I got on TRT. But I am seeing more hair thining on my head. Hair gets longer but hair is thining on my head. Little hair loss specially on sides on forehead. I am in my low's 40...
  14. H

    Empower hair restore LF foam

    Has anyone tried this? Any feedback? How long does the 30ml bottle last?
  15. T

    Wanting to return to TRT but fearful of hair thinning again.

    I began taking Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg/ml-5ml Vial several years ago but quit due to hair thinning. It worked extremely well and I hated to stop; however, my testosterone level now has dropped to 201 (total). I need to increase my testosterone. Is there a safer way to increase it.
  16. S

    My acne just stopped about 11 months into TRT and I don't understand why

    I couldn't control my shoulder acne and some back acne this whole first year until recently. Nothing I did mattered from a hygiene/soap perspective. My clinic has been rotating me thru a couple of different pharmacies (Absolute in FL/Rite Away Rx in Texas) for some reason and my most recent...
  17. R

    Losing hair on head while on TRT plus anastrozole: Causes?

    I am on TRT 100mg/week .25 alanstrozole. I also take Ambien, Antihistamin, melatonin. Does ambien cause hair loss if anyone aware of ? I am losing hair since I got on TRT, slow getiing male pattern baldness. My father was not bald. So its not related to gene. what medication probably causing...
  18. VB Dyna Rider

    TRT hair loss

    I know this topic is like beating a dead horse... but I’ve been on T for several years. My doc recently switched compounding pharmacies and my hair loss from my weekly injections has been severely increased. I am NOT predisposed to Male Pattern Baldness. My hair is already very thin since I...
  19. M

    Cialis and ketoconazole

    It’s says not to use the two together is it talking about the shampoo as well ? I hade like 20+ hairs in my hand in the shower today while putting in conditioner Ridiculous !
  20. L

    Hair loss

    Been on TRT for 7 months. I feel like when I take a shower I definitely am losing / shedding hair. I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY HAIR. I have a nice full head. My Dihydrotestosterone DHT has been 68 in April and it was 99 in June. Does DHT directly effect hair loss? seems to be mixed opinions... If...
  21. C

    Compound cream vs Injections for hair loss

    For those of you who have used both compound cream and injections - which has caused you to lose hair faster?
  22. T

    Hairloss / Shedding: Will it stop?

    About 2 months into my protocol 140mg TC/week I started noticing more hair in my hands when styling or drying. Not excessive but noticeable. That’s been going on until today, about 3 1/2 months in, and no signs of improvement. My recent change to EOD two weeks ago didn’t seem to have affected...
  23. A

    To all hair loss sufferers - A must read

    I've spent quite a bit of time in this forum trying to convince people DHT is not the cause of hair loss and that hair loss is a multi-factors problem. All the explanations to that have been written down in this long article that I encourage you to read before posting about TRT causing your...
  24. K

    Does TRT Cream Cause Hairloss??

    I was prescribed testosterone cream for low testosterone. My t level is at 280. The cream is androgel. Got 2 questions: 1) I've been on it for 2 weeks now. Does it cause hairloss? If so I''ll discontinue using it. 2) Although I've been on it for 2 weeks, for the first 3 - 4 days I noticed my...
  25. E

    Andro Block - 1

    Anyone have any experience using this? Would love to hear it’s effectiveness and any side effects.
  26. S

    Topical minoxidil fortified with finasteride

    I’ve read the older threads on this subject but would like a little more insight from you guys. I went to the dermatologist today presenting with thinning hair on my crown. After reading all of the studies I could find regarding Propecia—the oral form of the drug—I realized that the pill wasn’t...
  27. F

    TRT Week 3 - Hair Loss and Thinning

    All I would like your advice on this. I know there are numerous threads on hair loss, and i have tried to read through them, but still have some questions. I am on week three of my treatment, which is the following protocol: 500iu HCG (Wed) 500iu HCG (Thu) 100mg Test Cyp (Fri) For the past...
  28. F

    3 weeks into TRT - Hair Loss / Thinning

    All I would like your advice on this. I know there are numerous threads on hair loss, and i have tried to read through them, but still have some questions. I am on week three of my treatment, which is the following protocol: 500iu HCG (Wed) 500iu HCG (Thu) 100mg Test Cyp (Fri) For the past...
  29. A

    The DHT hair loss myth

    I would like to use this thread to post some interesting researches and studies that completely debunked the DHT myth about hair loss. This would be the first well documented video to start from: Bullet points: - Hypothyroidism is one of the main culprit, signaling the testis to produce less...
  30. keithc2485

    Saw Palmetto for Hair growth ? is it safe on TRT>?

    Does Saw Palmetto Affect Testosterone? We know all the type about it and what it does- High levels of dihydrotestosterone are associated with hair loss, while high levels of testosterone are associated with hair growth. Some men take saw palmetto so their body’s level of dihydrotestosterone...
  31. E

    Being genetically predisposed to balding - isn't that almost everyone?

    According to my research about 85% of men will start balding by age 70 or 80. Then after that the number will only go higher. Does being genetically predisposed to balding include people who would hypothetically start balding at a very old age? In my case...I have no hair loss whatsoever at...
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