I need help with Low E2. I’m at my wits end.

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I’ve been struggling with low E2 for the longest time. Started off my TRT 36 mg daily test CYP, 200 IU HCG daily, and 0.0625 mg anastrozole twice per week. Dropped the AI due to low E2 symptoms (mostly achy knees, lethargy, difficulty maintaining/getting erection).

Bloodwork showed T = 3100 ng/dL, E2 = 112 ultrasensitive.

Dropped T down to 100 mg. No AI. 250 IU HCG EOD. Total T is 1300, E2 is 16.

I have horrible low E2 symltoms. Last time I took an AI was weeks ago. I do take a multivitamin with zinc in it that I might try cutting out.

The only thing that gives me relief is injecting 1000 IU HCG. For obvious reasons, I don’t think this is a sustainable approach.

I’m reaching out to Dr. Calkins at Defy to get estradiol cream.

I can’t stand it anymore. My symptoms include tingling/numbness in hands, dizziness, excessive fatigue, loss of libido, frequent urination, insane brain fog.

I take 5 mg Pregnenolone sublingually before bed because I’m low in it. Also 5 mg SR melatonin.

I might also try some estradiol valerate pills. Any ideas?
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Also forgot to mention:

I’ve been dealing with some thyroid issues.

Waking body temperature has been 93-94 Fahrenheit with a maximum daily temperature of 96.6. Labs showed TSH of 1.1, T4 was normal at 4.6, but free T3 was low. I suspected high RT3 so I ordered a new set of labs of TSH/Free T4, Free T3 and RT3.
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