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Hi Everyone,

I live in India. TRT is unheard of here and I could use help from the members on Excelmale.

I've consulted few doctors here and even the "TRT Specialist" I met doesn't have knowledge about TRT... he wanted me to cycle TRT and said that Estrogen level in men should be brought down to Zero, he didn't prescribe anything for maintaining fertility etc etc... so I'm having to do the TRT on my own through my own research (and with the help of Excelmale and TOT Bible etc)

I started TRT 8 weeks ago (secondary hypogonadism). 110 mg T Cyp and 1750 iu HCG per week split into EOD doses, and 1.5 iu hgh everyday. I'm 43, and my wife and I are trying to get pregnant that's why the higher hcg dosage (Dr Lipshultz protocol)...

I'm 183 cms 175 lbs, physically fit. Exercise 5x per week... weights, cardio

Supplements: Magnesium 350 mg, Zinc 25 mg, Copper 2.5 mg daily

I need advice in getting dialled in... 7 week tests were done on the morning before my T injection. My pre-trt and 7 week figures are below (Pre trt, 7 weeks, range)

Total T... 495, 1380 ...240-870
Free T... 12.8, 18.78... 4.35-30.3
E2 (non-sensitive, sensitive not available in my country)... 30, 70 ...11-44
Prolactin... 6.2, 9 ... 3.5-19.4
SHGB... (didn't test it prior to trt), 31 ... 10-57

I'm feeling much better than I was pre TRT, depression is gone, have more energy... sex drive has improved to some extent... On a scale of 0 to 10, if I was at 0.5 before trt, now I'm at 5 or 6... I would like to get to 8 or 9.

My questions:

Is 70 E2 too high (for non sensitive test)? Nelson has said that it generally shows 30% higher E2 than a sensitive test... someone else on these forums said that it shows 16% higher estrogen...

Sex drive had increased significantly after 3 or 4 weeks of starting TRT but it has dropped in the last 2 to 3 weeks... could it be because of the high E2... and is the high E2 because of the high HCG dosage?

I would like to increase the dosage of T to 130 mg per week and then to 150 mg if needed... my SHBG is not high and not low... will an increase in dosage lead to even higher E2?

Should I reduce the HCG dosage to 900-1000 iu per week for 2 or 3 weeks, and re-test for E2, before increasing the dosage of T?

I would like to avoid AIs... are there any other ways to keep E2 in check... Do I need to keep E2 in check? Dr Neil Rouzier says that it's natural and normal and useful for E2 to increase if T increases and he says that E2 is as high as 80 or 90 in young healthy men (in their 20s) without any negative effects.

Bcos I'm on EOD regime, would my total T be a trough or a peak if I measured it on the morning before my T injection? I've read that to take peak T reading, blood should be drawn 24 to 48 hours post the T injection... in my case the blood was drawn 48 hours after the T injection

Any advice from the members, doctors and Nelson will be very highly appreciated...

Thank you in advance for your time
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It can be very hard to remain fertile when one is on trt. The only way you know is by having your sperm check or of course getting your mate pregnant.

Make sure you have your HCT checked, you don't want your level to go too high. Estrogen, I wouldn't be too concerned if you're not having high estrogen symptoms.
he wanted me to cycle TRT and said that Estrogen level in men should be brought down to Zero,

I wouldn't take advice from this doctor unless you want osteoporosis, estrogen is needed for bone, joint health, mood, libido and erectile strength. Cycling is for those who want to preserve their natural optimal testosterone production, it is not for those with lower than normal testosterone levels needing lifelong testosterone injections.

I see a lot of the time things being borrowed from the bodybuilding world do to a complete lack of knowledge. Your doctor probably thinks men aren't supposed to have estrogen and that is a female hormone, this thinking is not only wrong, but dangerous.

I've tried multiple protocols and some with very similar Total T values and differing estrogen values, I noticed I felt overly emotional when estrogen was 35> and more calm when estrogen is <30. Think of estrogen as the emotion hormone, it has powerful effects on mood and wellbeing.

I've had low and high estrogen, low estrogen causes me to be emotionally flat, high estrogen cause emotions to be exaggerated, but there are some men who can handle high estrogen without any sides effects.
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