Has HCG potency changed OR do bodies change in the way they react

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I am taking much less HCG than I did just 2 years ago with more of an effect and more side effects. When I originally came to defy, I was dialed in eventually to .28 mg of test EOD and .25mg anastrozole 3X a week. I was told by Crisler originally to take 100ius of HCG with that. After a follow up, he asked whether I felt anything. I didn't feel any effect at all from HCG, so it was increased to 120Ius daily and then 150ius daily. I still didn't "feel" anything.

I had another doc change my protocol to 200ius of HCG EOD and .18 of anatsrozole EOD keeping the test the same, so everthing was on an EOD schedule. This did not work long term. My estradiol was high. Defy eventually out me back to .25mg of anastrozole 3X a week, the HCG was backed down to 150 EOD and the test kept the same. I still had high estradiol, so we went increased the anastrozole to .25 EOD. On all these protocols, every time I took an HCG injection, I had side effects. I could feel it and ED set in. The person I work with at Defy had me back off of the HCG further and said that I might want to get rid of HCG. I did not understand how I had been OK on 150ius daily with less anastrozole than what I was taking, and now I cannot even take 150 EOD with an increase in anastrozole. I know that anatsrozole will not control the estradiol produced from testicular produced testosterone, but it had increase and the HCG was half of what I had been taking.

The person I work with at Defy said that half of their patients had either had to decrease their HCG to only 3 injections a week or get rid of it altogether but really had no idea as to why this was happening.

Wanted to see if anyone else had experienced the same thing or had any idea as to why this would happen.

I mean not feeling anything from 150ius daily to only being able to now inject 110ius EOD is pretty drastic. If I inject 120ius one time, I am out of whack for at least a week. I am going to talk to Defy about either cutting HCG out, going back to daily at a much smaller amount or maybe only using it 2X a week
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