hcg and e2

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  1. K

    How long does it take for HCG to kick in, or am I being impatient?

    Hello. Newbie here, based in the UK. Excuse long post. I’ve been on TRT for a decade now, for secondary hypogonadism, with many ups and downs. That darn pituitary gland! I’ll cover my full story another day, in case it helps others, but only in the past two years have I had treatment that has...
  2. J


    Hi everybody. I would like to hear from people having experience (or having knowledge) on different hcg dose frequency protocols. Basically I want to know if every day lower dose has any different outcome, better o worse, compared to every other day, every 3 days, twice weekly etc. I mean, same...
  3. J

    My HcG trials

    Sorry this is so long but wondering if anyone else has had similar side effects and what you've done? I've been on TRT for 7 years but have tapered down over the past 2. I went to clinics for several years where I was started at 200 mg and I received HcG as well (no idea how much.) Just like...
  4. W

    Lower HCG dosage yielding far better results - surprising

    I started on HCG due to testicular atrophy about a year ago. Also taking 120 TC split 40mg X3 weekly. Dr. prescribed 1000 IU 3 X weekly (which I knew was too high). I saw a little return from the atrophy. I lowered to 375 IU 3 X weekly for 5 months with decent results, but wanted to cut down on...
  5. W

    Anyone been on 250 IU HCG with TC and not needed an AI?

    I’ve been doing 375 IU in addition to 120mg TC split in 2, and have had to use .25 of an AI. I just dropped to 250 IU 3 X weekly. Wondering if even at 250 IU my E2 get to where I feel the high E2 symptoms. Anyone out on 250 iu without an AI?
  6. W

    Does HCG raise estradiol more/faster than straight testosterone cypionate?

    I’m doing 60 mg TC x 2 weekly and just added again 375 IU HCG 3 X weekly. Does the HCG add/raise estradiol faster/more than just the testosterone? Latest estradiol sensitive at labcorp came back at 48, range < 45. Not to concerned, just curious. Thanks All.
  7. Y

    From India. Need help with E2 and HCG

    Hi Everyone, I live in India. TRT is unheard of here and I could use help from the members on Excelmale. I've consulted few doctors here and even the "TRT Specialist" I met doesn't have knowledge about TRT... he wanted me to cycle TRT and said that Estrogen level in men should be brought down...
  8. D

    Aromatization and T adjustment when using HCG

    I am interested in adding HCG. I am a strong aromatizer, probably because my BF % is close to 30, with a lot of visceral fat vs subcutaneous. I have settled on 12.5mg exemestane/aromasin every day, with no sign of this being too much. EOD was not enough, and I now have better libido and mood...
  9. H

    What's the lowest recommended dose of T to add to HCG mono?

    Like the thread title says - I'm curious to know what the lowest possible dose of T I could add to HCG mono without inducing primary testicular shutdown? I'm secondary and have been on HCG + AI for a year and a half now with great results, but unfortunately, I've crashed my E. I'm injecting...
  10. H

    Has HCG potency changed OR do bodies change in the way they react

    I am taking much less HCG than I did just 2 years ago with more of an effect and more side effects. When I originally came to defy, I was dialed in eventually to .28 mg of test EOD and .25mg anastrozole 3X a week. I was told by Crisler originally to take 100ius of HCG with that. After a follow...
  11. Z

    Hcg and labs

    So I got my labs back today TT-940 E2-23 it’s the regular test not the sensitive PSA- 0.6 Anyways question was I am having some libido/ed issues. Was wondering if my e2 is in the right spot? Like I said it’s not the sensitive test. I take .25 a week of anastrozle. Also my doctor wanted to put...
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