Got my blood work done after 6 months on trt


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I just got my blood work results and was a little surprised at the results. My glucose is off the charts now at 106 not sure why I don’t eat any sugar and keep carbs at around 120 gr at the most no rice or potatoes or bread. Also my BUN is high I’m guessing that’s because I’m eating to much protein at least 220 gr a day I weigh 196, test came in at 1015 free range was 18 that’s 200 mg of trt a week.side note my glucose was better when I was eating carbs? Thanks for any advice have a meeting with dr soon to discuss.
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I forgot to mention my estrogen went from 49 to 5 now im using a blocker
Estrogen improves glucose control, you're deficient.

Estrogen Improves Insulin Sensitivity and Suppresses Gluconeogenesis via the Transcription Factor Foxo1.
Previous studies reported that estrogen lowers glucose level, which is associated with enhanced glucose uptake in muscle through activation of Akt and induction of GLUT4 expression. However, blockage of E2 signaling in global or liver ERα knockout mice causes hepatic insulin resistance and enhanced HGP, resulting in hyperglycemia.
Labs were done on the 4th day of last injection


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You must have higher end SHBG, which inflates the Total T. You’ll require a high Total T value than the average guy to have sufficient Free T.

With my SHBG 20-24, I would only need a Total T value at 500 to have the same Free T level.

The directly measured Free T method isn’t as accurate as the equilibrium dialysis method.
Copy that should I bounce up to 250 or keep rolling 200? Thanks for the help!
The majority of guys feel optimized between 20-25 pg/mL. Also take note, if these are trough levels (18 pg/mL), then they’re pretty good.

It’s up to you to experiment and find out what Free T level is best for you.

Going from 200 -> 250 is a big increase in dosing and will likely shoot your levels up too high. I would be a little more conservative with your dose increase, so 220 mg.
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