Controlling Estrogen with Arimidex while pinning once a week?

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Hi guys,

A lot happened since my previous thread so I decided to start a new one. It turned out that I have some issues with the SHBG and the more frequent injections I take, the higher it becomes and it's affecting my FreeT a lot. Daily Enanthate injections were the worst, E2D slightly better, E3.5D better and E5D made me feel best. Then, since I live in Europe, and they have Sustanon 250 in the pharmacy without prescription, I decided to jump back on it and take it once a week. It's been a few weeks, I feel great, but as you may assume, I have Estrogen issues again. I'm taking once a week 125mg Sustanon 250 (every Saturday morning). After the last injection (the next day on Sunday) I took 0.25mg Arimidex and the Estrogen side effects pretty much disappeared but today (Monday) I'm starting to feel them again. Gyno, ED, sleepiness and whatnot! Can someone suggest what is the right way to control Estrogen with Arimidex? I've looked all over the Internet and I can't find any specific way. I was thinking about 0.25mg daily, but I guess this would definitely crash my Estrogen in the middle of the week since my T levels will be going down. I know it's a strange situation, but how does one use Arimidex if he's pinning only once a week?

EDIT: For example, is it better to take small daily doses for the first few days, or only take it when I feel E2 sides?

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As a starting point if pinning once a week, then 0.25 a day for the first three days after the injection only (day of injection and two days after).

Go by feeling and adjust downward from there if needed eg, 0.25 + 0.125 + 0.125 and then nothing for the rest of the week till the next inject.

Much smoother than the cookie cutter 1mg on the day of injection with almost nill sides from overshooting and then subsequently rebounding E2 (arimidex is a reversible AI and releases the bound aromatase as it is metabolised).

Many others here will give you the bog standard reply “lower your dose”, the problem with that is then your E2 problems will certainly disappear yes, but so too will low T subjective feelings reappear. Thats the conundrum with that approach.

A good slightly advanced protocol like I suggested can give you the best of both and also I wish to add 125mg sust a week is a reasonable dose and not a high dose imo as many will probably state below.
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Another idea in your case to manage the spikes yet keep an infrequent protocol is a hybrid protocol.

Example split your weekly dose into 3 and inject on days 1-3, with no injections days 4-7.

This may possibly allow you to drop the AI or get away with 0.125 days 1-3.

I must add to do 0.125 means you dissolve a 1mg tab in 1ml of vodka like in a syringe and shake and use the liquid ( in a drink and not injected!!)
I decided to jump back on it and take it once a week. It's been a few weeks, I feel great, but as you may assume, I have Estrogen issues again.
TRT can change the way your kidneys reabsorb sodium so it’s not always estrogen related.

Aromatase Inhibitors can actually cause you to lose fluid, a bandaid solution and therefore may not always be estrogen related.

The problem can also be too much testosterone.

It might have been better to start out at 80 mg per week and titrate your dose up from there.
@bixt Awesome, I’ll try it! About the syringe method - how long is the liquid good for? Is there any expiration and should I keep it in the fridge? Thanks!

I have seen liquid aramidex for sale (UGL) and it doesn't state to be refrigerated so I guess it's fine to keep it out. It's not a peptide like HCG which would degrade at room temp. Mix only 1 tab at a time and the 1ml should not last more than 3 weeks or so if using 0.125mg (0.125ml) 3 times a week. Only reason I suggest an (insulin) syringe is that it's easy to accurately measure the exact tiny amount out. Others use droppers and go by the drop and if you are buying liquid aramidex instead of mixing your own that's fine too.
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