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GUYS. I need some advice HCG is all new to me...

1. Sorry this is so long , just trying to get all the info in here. so please glance at it

2. I have just Gotten a prescription for HCG (Pregnyl ) after almost 3 years on TRT ..50mg 2x a week
I got the arimidex as well

3. I have not started the HCG yet as Im trying to learn how the best way to go about this is..

4. Ive seen so many horror stories , yet im in severe atrophy right now and want my balls back

5. I am NOT a body builder or cycling .. just a guy with hypogonadism trying to be on a normal range ...

6. I have a 10,000 IU mulitdose Pregnyl kit ... thinking to go as low as 200iu per week to start .. I dont wana jump the gun.... THOUGHTS ?


> what dose of HCG per week would be enough to just stop the atrophy would be helpful ?

> Best way to start adding HCG and Arimidex into my TRT week ? and if starting HCG low would be smart?

thanks everyone - see blood results from last month NO HCG OR ARIMIDEX JUST TEST. CYP.


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It depends on how high your SHBG is. If it's low you may deal with estrogen issues. If it's high then you won't have to deal with estrogen symptoms. I use 500 IU of HCG every three days and run what most would consider a high E2 but with a SHBG around 50 my free E2 has always been dead normal. If you are worried about it pay the extra money and test your free E2. It is the only thing that matters.
Unfortunately last month they didn't test for prolactin or estradiol .. the doc was Terrible .. but in Septembermy Estradiol was 28.1. And always around 27-31. Never higher ..
I would definitely NOT add hcg and anastrazole at this time. Pick one and wait at least six weeks before testing again. I use 250iu of hcg on M and F for three years. My balls are at least the same size as pre TRT. I don’t feel any side effects from hcg good or bad, but my boys are happy so I’m happy. Good luck.
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