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  1. Nelson Vergel

    Estradiol in Men on TRT: Surprising Results of a Groundbreaking Study

    For more details on this study, click:
  2. H

    Repeat Bout of Low Estradiol

    Hey guys-- Back in June, I posted this -- suspecting I had high E2 but it turned out (as many of you who replied had suggested) that it was in fact low Estradiol. Once I got my hormones back in a good spot, the symptoms went way. Fast forward to now. Out of nowhere, I started having some ED...
  3. C

    Proviron on trt?

    Any thoughts on this? I’ve been reading that it is better to lower estrogen than anastrozole on trt...
  4. C


    Hi. My first follow up test while on TRT is around the corner.. In my country we do not have the "sensitive" test for estrogen in men. Does anyone know if S-estradiol-17beta gives me a ok standpoint in what to do next? Or should I seek help in other countries (may be difficult). I need the...
  5. K

    Different approach for HCG

    Hello everyone, so i am having issues with HCG. No matter how low i go ( as low as 100 iu) my e2 starts ramping up. I am also super hypersensitive to arimidex and taking as low as 0.01mg (not a typo) brings my e2 too low. When i get off hcg, i start feeling the true benefits of trt. however my...
  6. keithc2485

    About to add HCG to my TRT regimen -CONCERNS & QUESTIONS HELP!

    GUYS. I need some advice HCG is all new to me... 1. Sorry this is so long , just trying to get all the info in here. so please glance at it 2. I have just Gotten a prescription for HCG (Pregnyl ) after almost 3 years on TRT ..50mg 2x a week I got the arimidex as well 3. I have not...
  7. R

    Some questions regarding HCG monoteraphy, past AI / E2 issues etc.

    Hello. So little history, I had few month run with arimidex only over a year ago for trying to boost lowish T which was a terrible mistake. Since then (even months and months after quitting) I've had persistent symptoms which consist of for example almost constant sweating/hot flashes type...
  8. M

    Need advice on possible E2 crash.

    I need some advice. I’ll try to keep this as short as possible with only relevant info. We tend to use different units here in Oz for things like Test and E2 so I will convert to the units you use there in US and Canada. In early march I started to feel like I had symptoms of high e2. I had...
  9. T

    Anastrozole - Stabilization

    I have been struggling with estrogen problems for over a year. I just can’t seem to get dialed in. I was at .1 anastrozole every 3 days, and after 19 days I went high, so I adjusted to .1 every other day. That brought me down to normal after a few days, then a little low, and now high after 15...
  10. J

    Stopping HCG

    I have been having problems with high e2 and symptoms for a long time. Trying to find the right dosage of anastrozole is really hard for me. I have been taking 0.25 mg / week / 0,30mg per week and even this dose made me go too low. I am injecting daily 16mg of testosterone, and i take 1000ui of...
  11. J

    Question with labs

    Hi everybody ! First i would like To thank you all. Everyone is different and we learn a lot from this forum. For me in France it was hard finding a good endo, who was opened trying new things than the standart 1x250mg every two weeks. I inject daily for a total of 122mg. Hcg 300ui eod My...
  12. Z

    Recovery time

    So I posted a little bit ago (3 days) about my e2 bottoming out. It’s been 10 days since I took my AI dose. It was weird as well. Right when I took the dose the next morning I couldn’t get out of bed. As the week progressed my ED got worse. Yesterday had a pretty decent erection but just didn’t...
  13. Z

    Body fat and e2

    When I first started TRT I was over weight by about 45 pounds. Fast forward 3 years later after a lot of hard work in the gym and also eating right I am in the best shape I have probably been my entire life. Not saying this to brag. This is more of a statement question. When I started the trt I...
  14. O

    Anastrozole Cognitive Impairment

    Does anyone feel like anatrozole affects their memory recall and cognitive abilities? I have been on daily shots with .25mg of adex daily for a few months now and am having ED, issues learning things, and articulating myself. Not sure if I just bottomed out my E or if it might be a side effect...
  15. W

    What should I do next?

    I have been on TRT for about six weeks. I am taking 100 mg of Test Cyp split over four days. I started TRT because I am in a pretty stressful job and fell into depression/anxiety a few years back. I started seeking psychological support and was put on an SSRI. It was also suggested I try...
  16. T

    HELP - Beyond miserable

    I have been on TRT, for about 1.5 years. I was diagnosed with a low free T level of 6. I know this isn't terribly low, but it was low enough the dr. put me on 140mg of cyp a week. What he doesn't know is that, I was low because I am an endurance athlete. I don't know why, but this seems to be...
  17. Z

    Bottomed out and confused

    My protocol is 60mg twice a week Monday and Thursday. I take my anastrolze on Tuesday ‘.25’. So Thursday of last week I got my labs done just a quick E and T check. My e2 came back undectable (roche test) and my TT is 1140. Anyways what’s weird is I felt fine pretty much Wednesday - Sunday. Then...
  18. N

    Thanks for the advice, I have a new question

    I have gotten some really great advice from some of you guys on the board, my estradiol is now under control, at last labs my estridol was 16, down from 72. Also my FT and TT are within range. I do have low SHBG And it was recommended that I dropped my dose to 125 mg per week and have been...
  19. K

    Taking Anastrozole before labs?

    Hey guys. Im struggling to find an answer on if taking anastrozole before having e2(sensitive) tested will skew results? I can find all sorts of info on half lives, time of onset etc but nothing on how it might effect blood work.
  20. F

    Feedback on protocol

    Hi there, here are some relevant stats and protocols: I've been on TRT for a year now, SBHG is 20-23. My most recent protocol had me on 100 mg cyp and 500 IU HCG per week, split e3.5d. I was initially on a higher dose (140 total), but I could never dial it in with arimidex, so I wanted to find...
  21. K

    Strange Low E2 Symptoms

    First off let me preface this by saying that I am not sure I have low E2, but I suspect I do. Let me also say that I also realize that the only way I can know for sure is by getting it tested. My schedule is pretty packed and it's very hard to get myself to a lab right now, but I will try...
  22. M

    Has anyone experienced or heard of night sweats with low e2?

    I recently had my first sensitive estradiol test. It came back as very low (10). Not only that, but since the blood was taken, I had taken two doses of 0.25mg anastrozole, so I can only assume that my e2 has gone a lot lower than 10 (crashed). But I've also been having symptoms which align with...
  23. R

    proposed tests and timing: ruling out thyroid 16 weeks in to hCG mono

    Hi, Anything missing from this proposed test lineup (below last labs)? 62 y.o. d hypoG >20 yrs, no recent TRT, past gel hCG mono beginning April 2015. baseline TotT 200-300 went to 700 in 6 weeks Arimidex added in July, 1/4 2xWeek diagnoses: hyperestrogenism, gyno, hypogonadism,metabolic...
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