trt and hcg

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  1. N

    TRT Doctors in Maryland or Atlanta

    Looking for a trt doctor in md or atlanta,I also was a patient of Dr melograna before he moved. I want to see one in person since my testicles keep shrinking even though i've on pregnyl and low does of cyptionate. If anyone has a good trt doctor in either states, please post their info...
  2. 2

    Having a baby on trt

    Is there any risk of having a deformed or disabled baby while on trt amd hcg or after stopping trt to conceive? I was always only under the impression it lowered sperm count but now I'm reading it can mutate sperm amd effect the quality as well
  3. B

    6 months into TRT - minimal effects - no libido - thinking of stopping?

    So I'm going to preface this. Now that I know what I know from researching myself rather than just listening to doctors- I don't think I should have ever been put on TRT. About 4 years ago I started having massive fatigue, loss of motivation, couldnt bring myself to the gym, couldnt lose...
  4. R

    Starting TRT Again.

    Is it ok to start TRT again after bein off for 6 months? Is there anything I should be doing besides blood work before getting started and is it safe?
  5. J

    How long does Bacteriostatic water last refrigerated?

    So I have heard various conflicting information regarding this from my clinic and also other clinics and forums for TRT here in the UK. I have a 30ml bottle of Bac water that I have had from November last year, i use it to mix my HCG. People say it only lasts 30 - 60 days when first used? But...
  6. B

    More effective: IM or SubQ?

    Which is more effective; IM or SubQ? SubQ is definitely more comfortable. Doc currently has me administering Test C via IM and HCG via SubQ. Is IM better for oil based and SubQ better for water based?
  7. A

    TRT+HCG fertility check

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone on TRT+HCG checked their sperm count? One guy mentioned that his sperm count came to zero after a year of TRT+HCG. Has anyone in this protocal ever checked their sperm count? Just bcas ur balls are full doesnt mean u have optimal level of sperm. Can anyone please check...
  8. L

    Just starting TRT and HCG Dosing recommendation

    I am just starting TRT & HCG for the first time. I would like to give my two scents to my DR from everything I have researched. From what I see 75-125 MG of T and 500-750 IU's of HCG per week injected at the same time seem like an ideal set up. Please give me your thoughts so I can be prepared...
  9. T

    TRT has not been good to me.

    6-17-17 thru ~5-2018 Universal Men's Clinic First injection following Defy 7-2018... I'm 42 years old now and my original main reason for getting checked out was because of fatigue after the gym or any physically demanding task. For instance, helped sister in law move, felt fine (was In good...
  10. H

    Regaining fertility on TRT

    Greetings to everyone on the board Having used testosterone in the past for bodybuilding, purposes I have zero sperm count My doctor has put me on the below HMG 150iu 3 times a week HCG 5000 iu 2 times a week 20 mg testosterone gel a day 6 months into this treatment I still have zero sperm...
  11. keithc2485

    About to add HCG to my TRT regimen -CONCERNS & QUESTIONS HELP!

    GUYS. I need some advice HCG is all new to me... 1. Sorry this is so long , just trying to get all the info in here. so please glance at it 2. I have just Gotten a prescription for HCG (Pregnyl ) after almost 3 years on TRT ..50mg 2x a week I got the arimidex as well 3. I have not...
  12. J

    Night sweats anxious and using anastrazole. Dosing guidance

    Hi guys, I know that the responses I’ll mostly get is to have my blood tested since it’s been 3 months or more. But I’ve been dealing with dialing in my levels for years now. So I’m looking for some general advice an insight before getting my labs done again. I’ve had to over the years split...
  13. N

    HCG low dose daily and higher dose the two days before testosterone injection

    Hey guys. I am currently on the following TRT regimen: Test Cypionate 200mg IM q weekly Anastrazole 0.5 mg on T shot day HCG 500 IU SQ on the last 2 days of the week before T shot day My question is: Would it make sense to instead use HCG 100 IU 5 days per week and then increase to 250 IU...
  14. B

    Is there any reason HCG could be making someone feel bad besides E2?

    Just curious if there is a pathway for this to be possible, or if it's always related to E2 and it's swings. I have seen threads where guys drop it from not feeling well but many of them had problems controlling E2. I feel better when I initially add it, but then it seems like E2 goes high. I...
  15. J

    Starting TRT soon with low t clinic

    I will be starting TRT with a men's clinic here soon in the next week or so. I don't know my protocol yet but I heard it is smart to just start with testosterone only. I want start with testosterone and hcg right away to preserve fertility since I'm 27 years old though. Looking for opinions on...
  16. P

    Best time to do blood work on Trt

    Hello guys...I'm taking another shot at running my own Trt, so I apologize in advance for all the future questions I'll have, but this place is very knowledgeable so I'm hoping to learn alot. I've been running Cyp, and hcg on a standard twice a week injection schedule. It's been about 5-6 weeks...
  17. E

    36 years old normal T levels, but feel terrible. TRT experimenting?

    Here is my story: For the past couple years…my energy level, motivation, mental sharpness, and mood have plummetted. I have had minor cases of depression on and off. It runs in my family (my mom has severe depression and so did my older sister). Nothing seems to work for my mom. In my case, I...
  18. T

    Can't take a deep breath

    Is it possible TRT is causing me to not be able to take a deep breath? It's not shortness of breath, it is only when I attempt to take a deep breath. I feel like I can take in more air and my lungs will not let me. Current protocol: .29 ml Tuesday/Friday 500 IU HCG Monday/Wed/Friday 81mg...
  19. D

    Started TRT without actual need for it?

    Hi, Let me start of with the stats and blood work before I get into my actual concerns and questions: Stats : 32 years old. 172 cm ( 5 feet 7⅝ inches ) Weight : 71 kg ( 156,53 pounds ) Bodyfat : 9-10% Background : Based out of Europe (no prescription available here - so everything comes...
  20. T

    Marijuana and alcohol effect on testosterone

    I'm going to a new testosterone doctor and had a few questions: Does marijuana increase estrogen or cause gynecomastia? At 175MG of testosterone cypionate every 6 days intra muscularly and HCG sub q, do I need anastrazole? Does drinking a good amount of alcohol hinder the benefits of TRT...
  21. M

    To Wait or Not to Wait - Adding DHEA and hCG to TRT

    In my second month of TRT, started with compounded 20% cream and now on test cyp injections, 100mg, twice a week. Should I wait until I have follow up bloodwork and have fine tuned the dose of test cyp before I add DHEA and hCG into the mix? I've been tracking DHEA for the last five years...
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