40yrs old Lyme Disease and low T and low DHT

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Hello guys, I am big into bodybuilding but the last 5 years has been hell.
Since I went deer hunting back home in Minnesota 5 years ago, and got bit by two ticks my life has changed. I got severely sick, and been on antibiotics for about a year and feeling better.
But I can't build muscle like I used to, and I have low DHT and low T.

I live near Mexico and went down there and a doctor prescribed me Sust and Proviron, Sust 250mg per week and Proviron 25mg per day. He said I will feel better in about 30 days and then to eventually lower the dosage to 150mg per week of Sust and then 25mg of Proviron on MWF to keep SHBG lowered.

I haven't started yet, but I start this Friday.
Has anyone else used proviron to help increase DHT and lower SHBG and will it be helpful?
I am eager to feel better.
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proviron isn't dht it's synthetic dht drug.. may work worse than dht you get through converting from testosterone thourgh 5-ar enzyme. sustanon dose is way too high for replacement unless it's every 2 weeks in that case it's nonsense because your levels will be unstable (even though sust was designed to be able to inject once every 2 weeks)
if you will fix low t chances are your dht will come up as well.
have you been using steroids when bodybuilding? when you come off anabolics you get back to muscle size and strenght you had before anabolic usage maybe this is what happened to you (shrink when off)
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