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  1. V

    Syn Pharma lab, anyone here used their ED meds ?

    Hi, me again ! After my last post about ed meds and looking at some website recommended, Im interested in Syn Pharma ed meds since its in Canada so no custom problem and expensive shipping. But Im really scared of putting dangerous stuff in my body since its an « homemade » lab. Any user here...
  2. V

    Cialis\Tadalafil way too expensive at drugstore in canada, any reputable website for it ?

    i need to use 5mg daily cialis (generic) for ED. the cheapest i can get at drugstore here in quebec, canada is 65$ for 4x20mg (so 16x5mg) it would cost 130$ per month. and more if i want to up the dose. Im lost and absolutely scared to order on those online shady website but that is my onlu...
  3. Sergel

    Cialis (tadalafil) leg pain...

    Darn, this was intense. I am part of the lucky ones that can take 5mg on demand and it works verry well... Usually I just end up with a little headache, stuffy nose and heartburn... (yes all this on 5mg, I guess I am quite sensitive to the stuff...). But yesterday, oh boy, the leg pain! Took the...
  4. J

    Dangerous night time erections, while taking Cialis?

    Hi. I started taking Cialis for performance anxiety after a 12 year relationship ended. I was able to get solid erections have sex with my ex girlfriend and masturbate, no problems. When I started seeing a new partner, I wanted to make sure I was able to perform so I got a prescription for...
  5. C

    Naringin and tadalafil

    I understand that consuming grapefruit and grapefruit juice can interfere with tadalafil. But what is the specific component of grapefruit that does this? Would naringin (grapefruit seed extract) have the same effect on tadalafil as eating a whole grapefruit would? Yes, I did search the...
  6. W

    Tadalafil: Northstar rxLLC/Alembic/Ajanta

    Any opinions on the efficacy of these three Tadalafil mfg? Currently taking prescribed Ajanta 5mg daily through local pharmacy and not having much effect. I can switch to either Northstar rxLLC or Alembic. Never heard of either of these. I believe both are in the US and Ajanta is out of...
  7. T

    Cialis vs Viagra Heart Rate side effects

    Was prescribed the 5 mg daily does Cialis but even with dosing as low as 1.25 mg, a negative side effect that keeps happening is a very noticeable heart rate increase up to 12 hours after dosing. This happens even if the dosage was taken every other day or every three days. Doctor suggested...
  8. D

    Tadalafil 5mg Daily Side Effects

    Apologies if I'm in the wrong place to post this, not been here since 2017 so out of practice with the forum. I have been experimenting with Tadalafil 5mg daily, my GP (in England) will only prescribe Sildenafil at 4 a month, I get all the usual side effects from that drug which makes it...
  9. T

    Heart rate Issues with Cialis / Tadalafil

    Was prescribed 5 mg of a daily dose but based on posting in this forum I decided to cut the dose in half to start at a lower dose. After about 3 consecutive days I noticed my heart was beating faster during the day and it was more noticeable at bed time. Read a few other posts on this forum...
  10. A

    To anyone taking Cialis daily — did you develop a dependence on it?

    Anyone been on Cialis for extended periods of time to comment on whether they became dependent on it? Granted if you had ED before taking it and it fixed it for you then I can see that being some form of dependence, but I’m mainly interested in people or anecdotes of others that have taken it...
  11. I

    2.5-5mg daily tadalafil

    What do you think can be the benefits and potential negatives of long-term usage of daily tadalafil? Many folks says it is only beneficial for blood pressure and blood vessels health. I still cannot assume a medication has no side effects. A doctor I talked to told me it can cause decrease in...
  12. Sergel

    Tadalafil (Cialis) minimum effective dose...

    Excuse my enthusiasm, I just had my first Cialis experience... I am like a kid this morning... darn... TLDR: I only took 2 to 2.5 mg of Cialis at 1pm, made love at 11pm and had a hell of a stiffie and great orgasm... Any one else get by with such a small dose... Now the full story: But...
  13. Gianluca

    does PDE5 inhibitors downregulate NO production?

    I'm considering to start a daily or most days or the week 5mg Tadalafil to help in reversing Peyronies diseases (PD), I don't have any erection issues, but to my understanding it is really important to have a "solid" erection during sex not to worsen PD. I'm 34 years old now, and I'm wondering...
  14. G

    Are erections on tadalafil normal while we sleep?

    I know that Tadalafil is not meant to give you an erection without arousal but is it a typical side effect to have erections during the night even though you are sleeping alone and not aroused?
  15. P

    Defy Medical/Empower Tadalafil ODT

    Has anyone tried this product offering? I was taking 5mg of generic Tadalafil (Teva) that was obtained through a prescription. The price for 30 tablets at CVS ranged from $24 to $115, depending on if they had a coupon to offer. During my last consult with Defy, they suggested I try their...
  16. M

    Tadalafil for Blood Pressure Management

    Has anyone been able to use in conjunction with or as a replacement for BP meds? I don't have ED, so would only use it for reducing BP and other purported health benefits>
  17. E

    Tadalafil ODT from any online pharmacy?

    I'm interested in trying tadalafil for vascular health. ED not an issue but like what I've seen about tadalafil for health overall. I'd prefer an ODT (orally dissolving tablet) that I can dose as low as 2.5mg at a time. Has anyone seen tadalafil orally dissolving tabs from an online pharmacy? I...
  18. Robotics

    Cialis / Tadalafil in Canada? Overpriced?

    I called a few pharmacies and the prices were outrageous for the generic in Canada. 5mg daily $120 month, enough 20mg pills so i could split for the month was around the same. Any Canadians know how to get cialis for cheap online in Canada? any recommended generic brands?
  19. T

    Tadalafil - Nodules

    Hi all: I have been taking 2.5mg of daily Tadalafil for about 3 weeks now. Side effects haven't been too bad, but I have noticed a few. Namely: 1. Pain in both elbows. I notice it mostly when I put my elbows on a table, a bit of a sharp pain. 2. A nodule on my left wrist just below my...
  20. T

    Daily Cialis - Will Congestion Go Away?

    I tried taking tadalafil 2.5 mg daily, but by about day 5 the congestion was too much for me and I stopped. I am thinking about splitting the pills in half and trying again, maybe working my way up if the side effects aren't too bad. I see that a lot of people claim that the muscle pain side...
  21. J

    Tadalafil timing

    Good morning, So I am about to start taking a daily Tadalafil dose (starting at 2.5) and wondering when the best time of day is to take it. Any input /advice from guys who are currently taking it are much appreciated! What works best for you guys?
  22. Robotics

    Metabolic Syndrome - Cialis increased T From 328 to 546 ng/dl!

    Patients with symptoms of metabolic syndrome were given Cialis 5mg daily. Their testosterone increased from 328 to 546 ng/dl! (11.3 - 19 nmol/l) I have heard of a minor increase in T from cialis but this is quite major and I am thinking that is due to their specific cause of hypogonadism which...
  23. L

    Tadalafil Effectiveness

    Quick question for y'all. I've been on tadalafil for several years now. I was originally prescribed it for BPH, but obviously enjoyed the other side effect. lol Anyway, my insurance stopped covering it, so decided to go with a research chem version a while back. Good results, and same side...
  24. S

    Cialis effect on estrogen

    I've been recovering from crashing my E2 2 weeks ago, and obviously while I can't really get an erection like normal, I reach for the Cialis to get me by. Not a big deal, except I've noticed it seems to make me feel like crap (sore muscles, low energy, poor mood) about a day after taking it, and...
  25. A

    After one week on Tadalafil

    Thought I would try low dose Tadalafil as there is so much talk of it on here. I am very impressed so far and if things stay like this then I can certainly see myself on this long term. I just feel 'better' in a lot of ways not just easier and firmer erections. I tried to save money by getting...
  26. madman

    Stability of an extemporaneously prepared tadalafil suspension

    A tadalafil suspension can be extemporaneously compounded from tadalafil tablets; however, there are currently no data on the stability of a liquid formulation. The objective of this study was to assess the physical and chemical stability of a tadalafil suspension over 91 days when stored at...
  27. S

    Tadalafil - Capsules vs Oral Dissolvable

    I take daily low dose tadalafil as part of my protocol and have been very happy with it. I take one 3mg capsule every morning upon waking up. Do any of you have experience using both capsules and oral dissolvable tablets? I was told that one advantage of the ODTs is that they are absorbed into...
  28. K

    Teva's generic taladafil is now being dispensed in U.S. pharmacies.

    I do not know if it is news, but I refilled my Cialis prescription the other day and was surprised when my co-pay was $10.00 instead the normal $25.00 that I am charged for pharmaceuticals that are still on patent. I have not had that script filled for a couple of months because it is more of...
  29. G

    Tadalafil drops or something just as strong

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, I am hoping you guys can help me. I was previously getting my Tadalafil 30mg drops from a place here in IL called Delta Labs Pharmaceuticals, I have purchased a total of 3 bottles, The 1st one was supernatural, The 2nd 2 bottles tasted different & didn’t hit at...
  30. S

    Optimal TRT Strategy for low SHBG guys; SSRI effects; HCG vs. T injections effect on polycythemia

    Hi everyone, I've been reading here for a little over a year and I've found this site most educational. Thank you to Nelson for all the informative material on this website (I also enjoyed your book which I bought on Amazon) and for everyone else here who contributes information and shares...
  31. Nelson Vergel

    ED Drugs Have Benefits Beyond Treating ED

    It's been 18 years since the FDA approved sildenafil to treat men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Under the well-known brand name Viagra, this “little blue pill” has grown to hold almost half of sexual dysfunction market share. But, sildenafil wasn't originally intended to help men...
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