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  1. K

    How does Thyroid hormone effect Estrogen and Aromatase?

    I have searched for the answer endlessly and only got conflicting reports . Does Thyroid hormone ( T4,t3) reduce Estrogen or raise it ? What is their effects on the aromatase enzyme ? Thank you . All seems very confusing and I think the TRT/testosterone community could benefit from the correct...
  2. A

    Please Help! Confusing Bloodwork and Hypothyroid symptoms

    Please help me understand my blood work and symptoms I’ve been struggling for the longest time with fatigue, stubborn weight, and feeling extremely cold + sluggish, constipated and having ED. I’ve been taking my oral temperature on waking and throughout the day. Waking temp ranges from 92-96...
  3. A

    Combatting Flat Muscles and Low Muscle Glycogen Stores on T3 / Liothyronine

    Anyone had any luck in being on replacement doses of T3 / Liothyronine and not having their muscles go flat? 25-32mcg of T3 spread out throughout the morning completely fixes some debilitating gut issues I have, but makes my muscles go flat. My cortisol tends to run lower, so upping carbs too...
  4. M

    Question about t3 and t4

    If t3 is the active thyroid hormone, then what would be the point of even taking t4? I ask because I have been on t3 only treatment since beginning HRT due to high RT3. Wondering if I could benefit from adding in a little t4 to my protocol. T4 is usually at the bottom end of normal or just...
  5. A

    Does Iron do more with thyroid than help convert T4 to T3?

    I read someone in another thread mention that without enough iron, T3 can’t get into the cell. I’m familiar with the usual things you’d read on Thyroid and iron levels, and am wondering if anybody would know if it was involved in more than just helping convert T3 to T4 in an abstract way, and...
  6. W

    Injectable L-Carnitine negatively affecting thyroid? How to take?

    For anyone with experience with injectable L-Carnitine: Do you take it WITH carbohydrates? Fasted? I have heard mixed things here. Some say it’s a waste to take without carbohydrates, some say at can be taken fasted. Any negative interactions with thyroid medication? I've heard it...
  7. F

    Acclimation to Thyroid Supplementation

    I am in a gray area with borderline labs that functional medicine doctors would say may benefit from thyroid meds. I have started and stopped T3 a few times, primarily due to side effects. My biggest concern is I have noticed a low grade headache. Either my body does not want or need extra T3...
  8. F

    Experience with Sustained Release T3

    I will preface this by admitting I am slightly leery of my need for thyroid supplementation. My Free T3 and T4 are within normal range, but on the low end. My rT3 is a bit high and my rT3 to T3 ratio favors supplementation according to functional medicine guidance. In any case, I am open to to...
  9. B

    Elevated heart beat. Nandrolone, T3, or both?

    I have been inejecting 0.06 ml's daily of nandrolone for 9 months. My doctor gave me the ok to begin injecting 0.08 ml's daily. I have been on the current nandro protocol for 3 weeks going on 4 weeks next Tuesday. At the same time, that the nandrolone dose was increased he also added an...
  10. F

    T3 with Coffee

    It is commonly accepted that one should take thyroid medication on an empty stomach. There is also research that demonstrates reduced absorption of certain thyroid medications if taken with coffee. But, from what I can tell, this has only been studied for T4. I could not find any information in...
  11. M

    Time release T3 question

    I’m wondering if anyone has noticed less of an effect from time release T3? I switched to time release T3 this fall from the quick release version and I just recently had a full panel of labs done. To my surprise my rt3 had creeped up to 20.8 (9.2-24.1) and my TSH to 2.6 (.450-4.50). No...
  12. Hormetheus

    Many overfixate on testosterone -the thyroid is just as important

    I am a final year med student and have been replacing my hormones for multiple years. I post this because I want to raise awareness that it is not just testosterone. One thing I frequently notice, is that many males are really fixating on testosterone (e.g. whether adding HCG or different doses...
  13. M

    Anyone felt better without thyroid meds?

    I’m wondering if anyone has felt better without thyroid meds? I started t3 prior to trt due to elevated rt3. I’ve been on trt just shy of 2 years and still can’t find a balance. I generally test high on t3 and mid to low on t4. Been feeling really fatigued and lethargic lately. I trust Dr...
  14. T

    Getting an EU T3 prescription

    Does anybody know of a doctor or a clinic in any country within the EU that prescribes this?
  15. T

    How many of you are on thyroid meds?

    And what made you take the leap? Classic low TSH/T4 or T3? I see some of you are having reverse T3 measured which I believe isn't standard practice.
  16. W

    Iodine and Thyroid

    This happened years ago and again in the last couple of weeks, so may be helpful for some. Various times in my life I have had depression and even after getting hormones tuned up there has been some nagging mild depression that creeps up. My T4 and T3 levels look good, but my TSH has sometimes...
  17. B

    TUDCA works to lower iron/liver/kidney enzymes and boost T3

    I decided to do an experiment with TUDCA. I took 250mg with 1 liter of water in the morning on an empty stomach and waited 20 to 30 mins before I ate. Here are my results. 12.11.2019 Labcorp (no TUDCA) Iron Bind. Cap (TIBC): 246 ug/dl (250-450) UIBC: 141 ug/dl (111-343) Iron: 105 ug/dl...
  18. C

    What is reliable way to measure T3 dose?

    How do I measure what the correct dosage of T3 is right for me? Should I slowly increase my dose until my RT3 goes to normal level? Should it be based on TSH? Should it be based on body temperature and pulse rate (I am aware that my resting pulse shouldn't exceed 80 and body temperature 98.6)...
  19. M

    Good T3 and Elevated Reverse T3

    My latest labs show an elevated RT3, with a good FT3 . First time checking RT3, so not sure what it was at baseline. Taking 60mg NDT AM and 30mg in the afternoon. Definitely less foggy and need less caffeine since starting NDT 1 yr ago, but could still nap most days if I had the...
  20. C

    Treating high RT3 with T3. How much is too much?

    I noticed that actual endocrinologists who treat patients for elevated RT3 using Cytomel often prescribe T3 dosages between 10 to 15 mcg per day. Then I see other people who say they get 50+ mcg prescribed. How do you determine what dose to use? Is there a danger taking 25 or 40 mcg?
  21. M

    The "Your T3 is pooling" theory

    I'm not sure sure I buy into the "your T3 is pooling and not getting into the cells" theory, as I've not been able to find data in the literature that supports pooling as an actual measurable phenomenon. To this day, the only resource I've found that even mentions it is from Janey Bowthorpe's...
  22. Jman223

    Where to Source T3

    Anyone know a good place to buy high quality pharmacy grade T3? I need a good source. Thanks, J
  23. J

    free t3 LC/MS-MS

    Has anyone tested thyroid hormones using LC/MS-MS instead of immunoassay testing? I read a study about the inaccuracy of the immunoassay when testing levels in the lower part of the range especially for free t3. My most recent free t3 level by immunoassay was 2.5pg/ml range 2.0-4.4pg/ml. With a...
  24. Robotics

    Why do i need to keep increasing my t4 and t3 dose? Endogenous production?

    it seems like after a dose increase i get my levels balanced (t4,t3) but then slowly my levels fall again. I am guessing that it is because endogenous production reduces due to a negative feedback loop similar to that of testosterone? Does my endogenous production have to be completely shutdown...
  25. C

    Hair Issues

    Hi all, I have been noticing a lot more hair than usual coming off my head in the shower and it has never happened before. I noticed my T3 meds last 2 orders have been the slow released version from empower, so can this play a role in this hair falling out? I am currently taking 20 mcg of t3...
  26. T

    Cytomel (liothyronine) shuts you down?

    Guys, does cytomel shut down your natural production of t3 in the body? I just started taking 10 mcg daily to lower a high RT3 and incrrease a low normal t3. Just saw a video stating that minimum dose should be 25 mcg daily as this is what the body produces naturally? They said it was like...
  27. G

    Thyroid experiment complete

    Did a one month experiment to see whether a very low dose of thyroid medication would suppress my natural production completely, and leave me with very low thyroid levels due to my replacement dose being extremely low, or if the low dose NDT would just add to my natural endogenous levels. Turns...
  28. E

    Keto and Thyroid

    Is anyone on keto on here ? I started earlier this year and amazingly dropped 30 lbs in 5-6 months with a 4 inch waist reduction on a strict keto diet. Amazing because I've been trying for a decade and never got close to losing it. One of the effects is that your free T3 is down regulated. Keto...
  29. D

    Using low dose T3 as replacement for caffeine

    Hi guys. I have fatigue issues in the morning and wanted to know if I could use low dose T3 (5mcg) to replace/reduce the use of caffeine whenever I feel high fatigue. It bothers me to rely so much on caffeine and if I could use T3 to at least reduce caffeine use it would be great. Are there any...
  30. B

    Euthyroid Sick Syndrome Advice

    Hey Guys, First time poster on the forums, glad to be apart of the crew! So here's the dilemma. I've had a past history of steroid use and had my last cycle wrapped up since the beginning of 2016; I haven't been right since. I started seeking help in 2017 and in 2018 i've seen dozens of...
  31. A

    Low dose T3 (Cytomel) for fatigue

    I'm posting this for reference and information only but would welcome any insights/comments you all may have. In June of 2018 I had blood work done after visiting my TRT doctor regarding fatigue and trouble sleeping. My sex hormones turned out to still be in the same good range that I had been...
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