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  1. H

    Pregnenolone levels staying low despite supplementation -blood work incuded; Please Help

    Hello everyone- according to recent blood work I have low pregnenolone levels despite taking the expensive brand of PURE Encapsulations off of amazon ($0.30+/per dose). After taking 60mg for about a month I went from undetectable to still low levels of pregnenolone . I also had my DHEA levels...
  2. BadassBlues

    Beta Alanine for Increased TTE

    After some interesting research, I have decided to give Beta Alanine a try. I watched a very informative SuperHuman Radio podcast the other day that touted it's benefits. I have never tried this, so I am interested in others experiences and thoughts...
  3. E

    What other supplements are you taking in addition to your TRT regimen?

    Most of us don't stop at TRT. Once started, we look into other ways to optimize health and wellness. What other supplements are you taking in addition to your TRT regimen? I'd love to know what else everyone is on and why. Also, does quality matter, or do you buy the cheapest you can find?
  4. BigTex

    The Effects of Creatine Supplementation

    This is a meta-analysis so quite a few studies were combines. The authors found that creatine supplementation showed a beneficial effect for hypertrophy when compared to placebo. However, the size of the benefit was relatively small (0.11). The data showed similar improvements for both the...
  5. R

    Thoughts on my supplement stack appreciated.

    Hello everyone I’d like to get some feedback on the supplements that I’m currently taking. Here they are broken down by morning and evening. morning supps: 50 mg DHEA, my doctor wants to up that to 75 based on my latest lab results. Cortisol supplement called Adren-all. It was two pills a day...
  6. D

    Creatine and DHT

    Has it ever really been verified that creatine raises dht? Would've never thought so but seems like my prostate pings me after use now.
  7. N

    What are the best vitamin/supplements for Liver health?

    My liver enzymes are always a little high, not super high, but always 30-40% over normal range for the last 20+ years. Occasionally they have gone down to WNL when I lost weight (I am up and down with my weight). Therefore I know some of this is due to me being overweight now (about 40lbs), so...
  8. D

    Omicron - asymptomatic protocol?

    Hey guys, omicron is at my place of work in the form of two employees testing positive but without serious symptoms. Seems like Covid protocols for supplements and such were suggested earlier. I'm just trying to gather ideas here. I'm taking 10k iu vitamin D, B complex, gram or two of C, E...
  9. L

    Magnesium Supplements? Biotest ZMA?

    I'm off TRT right now, and am looking to increase my magnesium intake to hopefully help with slightly high blood pressure, workout recovery, and maybe get a little free T boost. Has anyone tried a product like below or should I take zinc and magnesium separately? If separate, what type and...
  10. C

    Supplements I Take - Feedback Appreciated

    I'm on 60mg x 2 Test C (started with E but switched due to supply issues). I recently started a low dose AI (.25 x 2 Amiridex). These are my hormone labs... Let me start by saying that I take supplements for three reasons: 1. Recovery - I'm 46 and do BJJ 5 days per week. It is tough on the...
  11. C

    Do OTC vitamin/mineral/herbal supplements have a significant impact on meaningful labs?

    Do OTC vitamin/mineral/herbal supplements have a significant impact on meaningful labs (free T, SHBG, E2)? Or do they only have a minor impact? I ask because I take a lot of supplements and wonder if I'm potentially doing things that are counter-productive or if I'm wasting my money because...
  12. Fernando Almaguer

    Taking Shredded by Steel - Any one heard of these ingredients?

    Shredded AF from Steel Supps. Contains Beta Phenylethiamine N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine N methyl Tyramine Will these do things like speed and be flagged on employer drug test?
  13. M

    Anyone have luck coming off TRT?

    I’m 47 years olds and suffered a depressive episode about 2 years ago. I was cycled through several Anti-depressants over several months and none worked. My testosterone was checked on 2 separate days in the morning and was found to be in the mid to low 100 range. I was started on TRT 1 year...
  14. I

    New Vitamin/Supplement/Nootropic Suggestions

    I am looking for a couple of vitamins/supplements/nootropics to try. I am 44 male, 6'2", 215lbs, and in decent shape. I recently had a full battery of tests done and the the only significant finding was low ferritin (see test results in "Blood Test Discussion" section). Here is a list of what...
  15. B

    FYI... When in doubt with deciding/purchasing supplements... Just use Kirkland brand (Costco)....

    Just FYI for all interested......I have been researching supplements and health products (purchased a sub to Consumerlabs and a few other product test sites) and I have found that Kirkland brand products have passed most/if all testing and have been rated in the top categories as well being the...
  16. Sean Mosher


    Anyone have experience with this brand? They have micronized DHEA and micronized Pregnenolone at pretty reasonable prices, in both regular and sustained release formulations. And then obviously a bunch of other supplements available as well.
  17. G

    Weightlifting supplements while on TRT?

    For those of you on TRT and attending a gym, what additional supplements are you taking???? Creatine, BCAA`s, Glutamine.....Etc..... Just curious if anything besides a TRT protocol is truly necessary.....
  18. R

    Supplementing with DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate

    Greetings. Is supplementing with 200mg of DIM (+200mg of Lecithin and 5mg of Black Pepper fruit ext.) and 500mg of Calcium D-Glucarate per day will be a sufficent amount or should i increase it? We're talking about lowering estriadol just a noch.
  19. Blackhawk

    Safety and efficacy of supplements.

    I am always on the fence about supplement use even though two doctors have prescribed me various supplements for various reasons. While I am not pro or against supplement use in any categorical way, I do believe strongly in caveat emptor. The supplement industry is rife with snake oil. This...
  20. PeacefulWarrior

    Daily supplements

    Hey guys just have another question. What supplements do you guys take? Im currently taking: Multi-vitaims with Iron Cod Liver Oil Tablets Flaxseed Oil Glucosamine Tablets, Chondroitin & MSM These are on top of a balanced diet, what else would you recommend or suggest i should take? I've...
  21. T

    Tongkat Ali LJ100 - Trusted Source?

    I wanted to try Tongkat Ali LJ100, but heard a lot of fakes are circulating. I could research Amazon and Google all day, but figured it'd be easier to just ask. I'm in the US, so looking for a distributor stateside.
  22. Nelson Vergel

    Collection Of 250+ Studies: Supplements, Vitamins, Bioavailability, Micronutrients

    1 Arginine (6 articles) 2 Beta-alanine (10 articles) 3 Coenzyme Q10 (5 articles) 4 Caffeine (24 articles) 4.1 Performance and sports 4.2 Long-term effects, tolerance and withdrawal 4.3 Cognitive function 4.4 Sleep 4.5 Energy expenditure 5 Creatine (31 articles) 5.1 Testosterone and DHT 5.2...
  23. G

    Reliable Online Peptide Supplier needed

    Hello Everyone, Wondering if anyone can recommend a USA based company that sells Ipamorelin. I currently use and want to have another company as a secondary choice. I appreciate any information any one can provide. Thanks and have a great day
  24. R

    How to buy supplements and not get scammed - Post your ideas/sources here

    Excel-Mates please post your favorite suppliers here along with your comments on quality, price , delivery and customer service. Let's start by example with L-Glutamine which is one of the most highly recommended aminos regardless of your age or goal. It is typically consumed by the teaspoon...
  25. R - powders aminos whey and supplements

    MyProtein claims to be U.K.'s No.1 in sports nutrition and is expanding in to the U.S. market. Labdoor gives their Iso Pro 97 whey, Impact whey isolate and Impact whey high scores for quality and price. #1, #2 and #4 respectively. Range: The range of products is quite large. Selection...
  26. R

    Astaxanthin sale Costco sale astaxanthin 6 mg free shipping 3 cents/mg -until sold out- best price seen on this important supplement TruNature Costco house label clean product. contains only EVO, purified water in gel caps. made with Swedish AstaReal proven benefits: exercise recovery, skin, vision...
  27. S

    Ageforce - supplement patches

    Anyone used products by this company I searched the forum and couldn't find any posts. Lots of supplements offered, all delivered via transdermal patches. Wonder if they work?
  28. F

    What supplements/foods to AVOID at all while on TRT

    Obviously bad fats and simple carbs and alcohol(learned my lesson on getting drunk one night after my first month on TRT). soy milk... But what else do you guys suggest to stay away from? I was wondering if taking Milk Thistle would affect Testosterone Cypionate/HCG/anastrozole at all or even...
  29. Nelson Vergel

    Vitamin D is anti-estrogenic where it's needed

    Vitamin D is anti-estrogenic where it's needed According to an animal and cell study that endocrinologists at Stanford University published in Endocrinology, the active form of vitamin D – calcitriol [structural formula shown below] – is an anti-oestrogen. The study is interesting...
  30. Nelson Vergel

    Prohormone Supplement 3b-Hydroxy-5a-Androst-1-En-17-One Enhances Resistance Training

    Not surprising data. Most of these supplements lower HDL and affect liver and kidney function. Granados J, Gillum TL, Christmas KM, Kuennen MR. Prohormone supplement 3b-hydroxy-5a-androst-1-en-17-one enhances resistance training gains but impairs user health. J Appl Physiol (1985)...
  31. G

    More supplement hysteria

    Recently, the media were abuzz again with tales of horror, worthlessness and danger about supplements. It's tiresome for those of us trying to navigate between supplement sales people and the minions of pharma who fear the competition these supplements may represent to often horribly...
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