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  1. FunkOdyssey

    Testosterone Propionate without benzyl benzoate?

    Does anyone know of a testosterone propionate formula without benzyl benzoate? Whether it's from a compounding pharmacy or UGL, I am not picky. @BigTex ? @Gman86 ?
  2. Belekas

    Sustanon250 overstimulation, racing heart, anxiety, BP elevation, feeling wired

    Hello crew. Anyone of you guys had this experience? I've been on TRT 100mg/week of Testosterone Enanthate for around 10 months without any problems and was feeling great. Just now remembered that I've changed to Sustanon250 recently and in some time I started getting all these issues...
  3. W

    Test results for 8mg daily blend (Enan + Prop)

    Inspired by @Cataceous, I have been tinkering with Enan/Prop blends for the past year. The idea behind the daily blend is to re-introduce daily T fluctuation. Inject first thing in morning to peak early in day and let levels come down overnight. For example, Cat’s personal data based on 4:3...
  4. B

    3 week cycle on Testosterone Cypionate

    Does 1000mg test C have the same half-life as 250mg test C? Or does the amount injected change the half-life? If not, why can’t we just use Test C instead of Propionate for short cycles? If I want to do a 3 week cycle, I can front-load 1000mg test C the first day then nothing more, and have...
  5. B

    Empower vs Defy and/or Recommendation of Compounding Pharmacy

    My doctor wrote me a script for Test Prop 100mg/ml. Does anyone have any recommendations where to fill it? Empower, Defy and/or another Pharmacy recommendation?
  6. W

    Tips on how to blend propionate with enanthate (or cypionate)?

    I have been having some success with low dose daily propionate for the last several months. Dose levels have ranged from 8-10 mg injected every morning after waking. Overall, it has been a far better experience than my previous cypionate protocol of 80-100 per week (split every 3.5 days)...
  7. E

    Anyone combine injections and cream? How do you feel?

    I’m a long term TRT patient, 39 years old. I’ve been on cypionate and inject a total of 154mg weekly in EOD subQ shots of 44mg each. I have been doing some thinking about the potential benefit of keeping dosing the same but experimenting with using a low cypionate base around 80-100mg weekly...
  8. S

    Trough Levels - Propionate vs Cypionate - Graph results?

    I created the plots below using a tool from another site, which I'm sure many of you have seen before. I'd like some clarification as to whether or not the way I'm interpreting the data is correct. I'm aware of the ester weight/percentage for the two esters being compared, and that 120mg cyp...
  9. W

    Prop vs Cypionate for E.O.D Injections..

    If someone was swapping to more frequent injections (E.O.D) to help keep e2 from spiking as much, would it be better to swap to propionate? From my understanding most of the e2 conversion is from the part of the oil that helps give testosterone prop/eth is longer half life. I mean if you’re...
  10. F

    Homemade cyp and prop mix questions

    I am looking to mix cyp and prop at home to make my own blend to experiment. After trying many different protocols I am currently doing the typical protocol of cyp at 100mg and Hcg at 700iu per week Split into two injections Monday morning and Thursday night. I did a trial daily run of daily...
  11. A

    Propionate for TRT - experiences and updates?

    I was thinking about revisiting Propionate for TRT. I tried it before but the dose was too high, but I remember definitely having a better feel on it. The thing is, I wouldn't want to inject more frequently than EOD. Does anyone have experience using something like 30mg EOD, or any guys using...
  12. S

    Short term switch from Cypionate to Propionate

    Greetings all, I’m prescribed 150mg per week Testosterone Cypionate, taken with 50mg injections MWF, and my work sent me on short notice travel right at the time of doing my refill and of course the express refill didn’t arrive in time before my departure date. Anyway the place I’m at...
  13. E

    My friends response to testosterone prop, how is this even possible?

    Friend of mine got his doctor to put him on testosterone propionate doing ED injections due to low shbg. Due to the very short half life, he tested his levels with a 10 day interval. His SHBG is ranging from 15-18. First trial, 20mg prop ED Testosterone total: 98nmol (8-30), converted this...
  14. E

    Switching from Cypionate to Propionate - Experience?

    Hey guys - Considering the switch from cypionate to propionate. I've been on cypionate for 6+ years and have had a good experience so far but notice more and more guys "raving" about their experience on prop. I'm already doing daily micro injections and have been for over a year. One...
  15. G

    Gman's Test Prop Labs

    4-30-19 Labs were while on this protocol: (Testosterone Propionate only) TEST - 122.5mg/ week. 17.5mg injected ED IM No HCG No AI *Labs were drawn 34 hours after last 17.5mg injection. Basically 1.5 days after last injection* Reason was because I held my injection the morning I was going to get...
  16. S

    Propionate side effect

    Recently started propionate and overall like the way I feel. I’m certain if I stay on it, that I’ll have to increase my dose due to it not being 3 weeks since last Cypionate dose. I’m having a weird side effect after each injection that seems to be getting worse each day. It’s causing carpal...
  17. G

    Testosterone esters

    Does anyone know the percentage of actual testosterone that's in each ester? I'm having a hard time finding any conclusive numbers. I'm switching over to propionate, from cypionate, and would just like to know how to do the conversion. I can figure that part out once I have the percentages of...
  18. D

    Started TRT without actual need for it?

    Hi, Let me start of with the stats and blood work before I get into my actual concerns and questions: Stats : 32 years old. 172 cm ( 5 feet 7⅝ inches ) Weight : 71 kg ( 156,53 pounds ) Bodyfat : 9-10% Background : Based out of Europe (no prescription available here - so everything comes...
  19. M

    Testosterone Acetate?

    Anyone tried Testosterone Acetate? Looks like it may be an ideal choice for those of us on daily or EOD injections. Short half life and none of the pain associated with Testosterone Propionate. Not sure if any of the brand names are sold in the US but I imagine any compounding pharmacy could...
  20. Excel Male

    Benefits of Treating Hypogonadism (Testosterone Deficiency)

    Information provided by Gene Devine What are the Benefits of Treating Hypogonadism? Sexual dysfunction and low libido are among the most easily reversible symptoms of hypogonadism. Systematic reviews of randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials of testosterone in men, including older men...
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