Any Canadians used Discounted Labs with Quest or Labcorb in the US recently?

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Im Canadian and before Covid I would purchase a panel from Discounted Labs or PrivateMD Labs and then run down across the border to Labcorp to have blood drawn. I'm wondering if this is still doable or if there's any red tape issues? I tried to call Lapcorp and Quest but there's no option to actually speak to someone.
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I just ordered labs and will be going over the border next week to get my labs done. I can let you know about my experience then.
@Nixter Got my labs done last week in the US. I traveled to a lab in Washington state and it went through without any major issues.

I informed the US border service that I have an appointment at a lab and they let me through the border without issue.

Getting back was a different story. As one would expect, Canada/CBSA had a whole bunch of extra, moronic questions and talked to me for an entire 2 minutes before letting me through.

Other than that, the entire process was mostly smooth.
Buy Lab Tests Online
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