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  1. M

    Weird reaction on TRT

    I’ve been on TRT 150 mg for about 7 months now. Once I got on it my neck turned red(like a sunburn) along with my chest and under eyes. I also developed eye bags that at one point got super swollen. I’ve had my hormones tested multiple times. (My estrogen was the only thing high, but starting an...
  2. S

    High doses Glycine + NAC supplementation improved body composition, health markers and aging in Older HIV patients

    The doses were a bit high: 1.33 mmol/kg/d of glycine = 100mg/kg per day 0.81 mmol/kg/d of cysteine (as N-acetylcysteine) = 100mg/kg per day a 70kg person (154lb) would have to take 7g Glycine and 7g NAC per day. Effect of Increasing Glutathione With Cysteine and Glycine Supplementation on...
  3. Fernando Almaguer

    Fermented foods for Inflammation 2021 study

    What is up fellas? I want to share the results of the Stanford University study in July of 2021. Just google fermented foods Stanford study and it will come up first. Basically, it was a 10 week study looking at the differences in inflammation in humans while on a high fermented diet and...
  4. DragonBits

    Estrogen Synthesis Leads Prostatic Inflammation (Prostatitis)

    Increased Endogenous Estrogen Synthesis Leads to the Sequential Induction of Prostatic Inflammation (Prostatitis) and Prostatic Pre-Malignancy Stuart J. Ellem,* Hong Wang,* Matti Poutanen,† and Gail P. Risbridger* Prostatitis causes substantial morbidity to men, through associated urinary...
  5. T

    Injecting in right quad leaves swelling, left not

    Has anyone had a similar experience? The right one is always sore for days, the left one rarely is. More nerves/less blood flow on one side?
  6. T

    HCG and inflammation

    Does anybody know of further studies on this? Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin on cytokine production from human endometrial cells in vitro - PubMed I'm aware that this may not be relevant, since it's in vitro on endometrial cells, and so not even in men. But as someone who is avoiding...
  7. Nelson Vergel

    Chronic Inflammation Blood Tests

    Chronic Inflammation Blood Tests
  8. Gianluca

    Insulin resistance vs animal product and inflammation

    I would like to hear all opinions, experiences, personal or not, in the development of diseases caused by inflammation, especially cardiovascular. I'm sure most of have seen the good data on Vegans diet and the reduction of cardiovascular disease by lowering systemic inflammation. That is a good...
  9. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone to estradiol ratio reflects inflammation and predicts future cardiovascular events in men

    Testosterone to oestradiol ratio reflects systemic and plaque inflammation and predicts future cardiovascular events in men with severe atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Research, cvy188, Testosterone to oestradiol ratio reflects systemic and plaque inflammation and predicts future cardiovascular...
  10. A

    Muscle pain and inflammation

    As far as I can remember I've hardly ever felt great. I've almost always had a feeling of fatigue, as if there is a weight on my shoulders. This has had a negative impact both on my personal and social lives. From my mid 20s on I've had muscle pain too although not always. I sometimes took...
  11. DragonBits

    Ursolic Acid for weight control and increases in skeletal muscle

    I have been reading about Ursolic Acid and studies that indicate this helps with Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Sensitivity, Decreased Inflammation, .Increases Skeletal Muscle and Brown Fat. Seems pretty impressive, but then I don't see a lot of other talk about Ursolic Acid. Here is a link to...
  12. M

    Glucose tolerance and normal low t

    Hi everyone. I apologize in advanced for this is a long post. To start out, Im 18 with 250-300 total T and 7-10 free t. So ive been thinking about my issues and I have very big important questions. After some trial and error, I realized weed absolutely gives me ed. When I don't smoke, my...
  13. Nelson Vergel

    Sleep Duration and Inflammation (CRP) in Adults

    Sleep Duration and C-Reactive Protein in US Adults. Richardson MR, et al. South Med J. 2017. South Med J. 2017 Apr;110(4):314-317. doi: 10.14423/SMJ.0000000000000632 Abstract OBJECTIVE: To use gender-stratified logistic regression analysis to examine the associations between elevated...
  14. Nelson Vergel

    Men on TRT with no improvements in mood may have higher inflammation

    Blood Inflammatory Proteins and Psychological Symptoms during Testosterone Supplementation in Hypogonadal Men with the Metabolic Syndrome. - See more at: Abstract:Introduction:Low testosterone...
  15. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone Replacement Decreases Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease

    Abstract from Low Serum Testosterone is Associated with Elevations in High-Sensitivity Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers Authors: Alexander W. Pastuszak*, Mark C. Lindgren, Samuel J. Ohlander, Amin Herati, Houston, TX, Joel Estis, Alameda, CA, Larry I. Lipshultz, Houston, TX...
  16. R

    Astaxanthin sale Costco sale astaxanthin 6 mg free shipping 3 cents/mg -until sold out- best price seen on this important supplement TruNature Costco house label clean product. contains only EVO, purified water in gel caps. made with Swedish AstaReal proven benefits: exercise recovery, skin, vision...
  17. Nelson Vergel

    Effects of Transdermal Testosterone Treatment on Inflammatory Markers in Elderly Men

    Journal Endocrine Practice Pages 1-25 DOI 10.4158/EP13357.OR Online Date Wednesday, August 06, 2014 Abstract Objective. During the aging process in men testosterone (T) levels progressively fall and inflammatory biomarkers increase. Although a relationship between these two phenomena has been...
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