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  1. L

    Lab results on follow up

    I've finally gotten my results back and here they are (3 mth f/u): TT - 990 (MS) FT - 178 (Dialysis) Estradiol - 44 (LC/MS) Free T3 - 3.2 SHBG - 37 Hematocrit - 54 Hemoglobin - 17.2 LH - <0.2 Reference Range: 1.5-9.3 mIU/mL I'm feeling great and I would not change anything in my protocol...
  2. A

    has CPAP machine lowered anyone's hematocrit?

    heard that high HCT from TRT can be caused by sleep apnea. has anyone lowered there with a CPAP?
  3. S

    Theophylline to reduce hematocrit?

    Just found this and thought it was interesting - maybe drinking lots of black tea for its theophylline content could help reduce hct levels? https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM199007123230203
  4. S

    At Home HCT Tester

    Has anyone here used an at home HCT tester? If so, did you find the results as acurate as having blood drawn and tested by a lab? Just found this one on Amazon, i think at around £40 it would be worth having so long as they're accurate...
  5. T

    Is it true that an elevated hematocrit level on TRT does not require blood donation?

    Is this true? What do you guys think?
  6. H

    TRT Lab Results ?

    I'm a 69 yr old man on daily injections who just switched to scrotal cream. I had labs done last week and here are my results that I have a few questions about testosterone, free + total, serum. >1500 testosterone, free + total, serum 33.7 PSA, total, serum or plasma 2.8 LH , <0.3 FSH <0.3...
  7. Gianluca

    RBC won't lower, what else could it be?

    Last year my RBC started to go up for no apparent reason with no changes in TRT dose, I have seen it in December of 2022 at 5.9 with HGB at 18.7 At the beginning of this year I started to lower my Test dose from 180 to 140mg weekly. Again 3 months ago I went from 140 to 126mg weekly, along with...
  8. J

    Sleep apnea and hematocrit

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has lowered their hematocrit using a cpap machine? I am on trt, testosterone cypionate, and take 14mg daily Im. I was just diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and have been using a cpap. My hematocrit is consistently at 53.8 on blood tests and when I donate blood I...
  9. R

    Is testing hematocrit at trough enough?

    I'm 49 at trough. but I'm reading that levels fluctuate. Should I test at peak?
  10. A

    Anybody use low low low normal dose to successfully address high hemoglobin and hematocrit levels?

    Anybody use low low low normal dose to successfully address high hemoglobin and hematocrit levels? I am currently down to only 75mg a week (100mg strength vial). Even doing daily shots now for months and months and my numbers still keep creeping up until i have to donate blood! At what point...
  11. A

    Nattokinase supplement - anybody have it lower your hemoglobin and hematocrit levels?

    Hi, Has anybody successfully used Nattokinase supplement and have it lower your hemoglobin and hematocrit levels? Proven by before and after blood labs? Thanks!
  12. W

    Major Reduction of T after Cream

    Just started TRT, 200mg cream in AM to scrotum 6 weeks ago with 50mg DHEA and 100mg Pregnenolone. At start my labs were, and frankly felt very “good” generally, mild libido issues, wanting to merely optimize overall health and vitality (active 55 YO), all other labs normal/optimal incl Thyroid...
  13. Blackhawk

    Daily T cyp/prop results

    The formula, courtesy of @Cataceous 4:3 ratio of T cyp to T prop. 6mg/day testosterone, about 8mg combined with ester weights 7 parts 4/7 *6mg=3.43mg/.7= 4.9mg cypionate @ 200mg/ml = .025ml 3/7 *6mg=2.57mg/.837= 3.07mg proprionate @ 100mg/ml = .031ml Total dose .056ml or 5.6 units U100...
  14. C

    Urologist suggest correlation between hematocrit and T....but none exist in my medical history.

    I have hematocrit levels around 50% since the day I started at this clinic more than 10 years ago. I get my blood tested every 4-6 months and there has never been a significant change in my Hematocrit. However, my testosterone has been as high as 1400 and as low as 33. With such a significant...
  15. G

    Newish Study on HCT

    Has anyone seen this? It looks like those with higher hct lived longer... https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/andro.2021.0019 Testosterone Therapy: Increase in Hematocrit is Associated with Decreased Mortality "Results: HCT increased significantly (median change at final assessment: +5.0%)...
  16. G

    What's your HGB/HCT?

    I just wanted to get a feel for everyone's different level and what they are comfortable with as I've noticed the difference is big. I would like my HGB to stay in the 17's and HCT to be very low 50's, but I'm seeing that even 4mg daily is too much. 3 weeks ago my RBC was 5.87, HGB 17.7 and...
  17. H

    Amlodipine lowers hematocrit by hemodilution

    https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0019483218305765 Any thoughts? Hematocrit and blood viscosity were significantly lower at 4-8h after Amlodipine administration “ The causative factor for the reduction in these HR parameters is the reduction in Hct. It is interesting to note...
  18. Mojo88

    Your best ways to lower Hematocrit?

    So I was looking at one of my emails from a body building site (I like to go to the gym, even at 70, haha), and they had the list below of 9 ways to lower Hematocrit. Mine was 54 when I was doing ~110mg T-Cyp IM per week, so the Doc said it needs to be lower. As per #1 in the list below, I...
  19. D

    Dosage and blood work anomaly

    I have an issue I cannot figure out. Been on trt 3.5 years mostly on 140 mg/wk. I had issues with high hematocrit so I started slowly reducing my dose. On 140/wk my total was around 1400. I dropped down to 100/wk and my total test came back over 1500. So I went to 80, came back at 1292. I felt...
  20. bennettjc

    New Study - SubQ Alledgedly Leads To Lower HCT/E2/PSA Than IM Just Published

    This data was first discussed here a year or so ago when it was released as a poster. It was now just published in a major urology journal. Bascially it suggested that 75 or 100mg of "Xyosted" (SubQ enanthate) each week leads to lower HCT/E2/PSA than does 100mg of IM cypionate. This is a poor...
  21. P

    high hematocrit levels

    have not been able to donate blood at red cross due to high hematocrit levels. Finally got a therapeutic phlebotomy and now my levels are below 50%. Before the phlebotomy, level was about 56% and increasing upwards. About 2-3 months before getting a handle on high RBCs, I had some typical...
  22. A

    Is using a home blood glucose monitor that measures hematocrit a good or bad idea?

    I've purchased a blood glucose monitor that measures blood glucose and hematocrit, as well as ketones using a different test strip. The device is this one: GlucoRx HCT Blood Glucose & Ketone Meter | GlucoRx How accurate do you think the hematocrit would be on a device like this? I'm worried...
  23. R

    Is TRT dangerous?

    Just met with a local highly regarded endocrinologist because I wanted his take on my TRT situation. Been on TRT for 6 months and have had elevated hematocrit (54-55%) and hemoglobin (18’s) the whole time. He said what I’m doing (TRT) is dangerous and I’m at higher risk for heart attack and...
  24. H

    Subq vs IM impact on Hematocrit

    I just would like to hear from people that switched from IM to subq (keeping dose and frequency the same) if it had any impact on hematocrit. I have been thinking about injecting my nandrolone subq (instead of IM) and keep testosterone IM (i feel better and also my estradiol gets too low on...
  25. W

    Hematacrit lab accuracy and fluctuation throughout the day

    So I had a CBC on Tuesday and didn’t think I was dehydrated, but my veins didn’t really show up very well so maybe I was and my hematocrit was 49.1. I decided to retest on Thursday and make sure I was hydrated and it came back at 44. My question is does anybody know how accurate the quest lab...
  26. G

    Recent Labs 5/17

    Hey everyone, here are some recent lab results using 24mg eod test cyp sub-q/shallow IM for about 6-8 weeks. I feel much more relaxed and anxiety is lower, blood pressure is lower than 50mg twice per week. The problem now is my memory and brain function are quite low. I'm sleeping great...
  27. G

    Hematocrit and TRT. How to have balance.

    Hello everybody. When I changed my protocol from Nebido to cypionate, I read that for those with low SHBG 12, the most recommended would be 20mg EOD, but with this protocol my hematocrit went up, BP increased, I had to do phlebotomy and ended up giving myself time to recover ferritin. I know...
  28. B

    Testosterone and hematocrit fluctuations on the same dose and protocol?

    What's a normal amount of fluctuation in Hematocrit and Testosterone 6 months apart while keeping the dose and protocol the same? Testosterone Cypionate only. A year ago I lowered my dose, at the 6 month mark hematocrit came back at 50.6 and total T at 600. At the 1 year mark hematocrit came...
  29. J

    High BP on new protocol. Any suggestions?

    I just restarted TRT after stopping for fertility reasons. My new protocol is: weekly, two 60ml subq shots of test enanthate. 2 shots of HCG at 250. DHEA 25 mg daily. I was feeling great on this protocol! However, my blood pressure seemed to be pretty high each time I checked it (150/100.)...
  30. A

    Switched to EOD injections. Hematocrit went up?

    I was previously taking 50 mg test cyp Every 3.5 and here was my last bloodwork Total T: 1316 ng/dl (264-916) Free T: 28.3 ng/dl (9.3-26.5) Estradiol (sensitive): 40.1 pg/ml (8.0-35.0) SHBG: 45.2 nmol/l (16.5-55.9) HCT: 45% Hemoglobin 15.8 g/dL I recently switched to 25 mg EOD and...
  31. A

    Is high HCT inevitable on twice a week protocol?

    on Twice a week my HCT is 47, not out of range but creeping upward. I fear that it may hit 51+ eventually, although maybe it wont, just want to be prepared. I was taking 50 mg every 3.5 days of Test cyp but recently changed my protocol to 25mg EOD to get a bit of stability. Is there anyone...
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