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  1. M

    Extertion headache... but normal BP?

    I have been having some trouble with exertion headaches. It happens when I either lift weights or when I reach that certain point while having sex. I've gotten a medical grade Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, and my blood pressure is 125/80. This shouldn't be causing the exertion headaches, right...
  2. G

    Workout Hangover/PEM

    Does anyone else get a hangover from working out the following day? The feeling is an overall bad feeling hard to describe, but similar to that feeling when you haven't slept at all for a few days, and includes some brain fog, memory impairment, irritability, lowered mood, and headache.
  3. F

    Tetracyclines and Estrogen

    More and more, I believe I fall into the camp of those that feels better with E2 in the normal (non trt) range. Supposedly tetracyclines can raise estrogen levels. I know nothing about the mechanism. But, on two occasions, I have developed symptoms I believe to be E2 related while on Sarecycline...
  4. F

    For Those That Get Headaches on TRT

    There are a few threads on headaches, but I thought I’d start one dedicated for anyone who wants to solicit or provide advice and feedback on headaches. If you previously had or currently still experience headaches, please share your thoughts here. I am prone to headaches and have been my whole...
  5. F

    Nausea As A Side Effect of TRT

    I have posted a lot of my struggles with TRT, mostly due to headaches caused by injections. But, I have also noticed another side effect that has been pretty consistent: nausea. Sometimes, but not always, I experience nausea 8-12 hours after I inject. It can last at least until the following...
  6. F

    Does Anyone Feel Better on an AI?

    I know this topic has been beaten to death and with a little legwork, I am sure to find dozens of threads on this, so I apologize. But, like many here, I am still perplexed on why most forms of TRT I have tried cause side effects that outweigh the benefits. I have a ton of posts out there, but...
  7. F

    Acclimation to Thyroid Supplementation

    I am in a gray area with borderline labs that functional medicine doctors would say may benefit from thyroid meds. I have started and stopped T3 a few times, primarily due to side effects. My biggest concern is I have noticed a low grade headache. Either my body does not want or need extra T3...
  8. Robotics

    On Cialis - When Dehydrated - Severe Muscle Pain, Severe Headaches

    Hi All, I am on cialis 5mg daily ugl(canada prices are crazy), I have also tried prescription cialis. in general i find it works well. but when i get dehydrated, the initial cialis side effects come back. Severe muscle pains, severe headache it is really agonizing. Also it is not as...
  9. JohnTaylorHK

    What are the symptoms of hyperlipidemia?

    Over the last few months I have been getting symptoms similar to a hangover: Dehydration (feeling thirsty all the time, especially on waking up in the morning), Tinnitus, increasing myopia, mild (background) headaches, some dizziness and short-term memory loss. The tinnitus I have had for...
  10. F

    Erection quality issues

    I have been on 7-8 years and have done almost all but not all protocols. The thing ive noticed is that when my balls are tight and skin pulled back that is when I have the best erections and sometimes orgasms feel good not dull. And depending on the dose I will suffer from low e2 side effects...
  11. M

    Sensitivity to an ester

    I’m wondering if anyone has any anecdotal experiences on different esters. I am currently trying a round of clomid mainly because I was getting really bad headaches on cypionate, with AI without, varying dosages. I was wondering if anyone out there has had similar experiences and tried different...
  12. M

    Headaches and Brain fog?

    Hey guys, been on TRT for about 6 months. Started with weekly shots at 150mg up to 180mg which would cause extreme anxiety, never really felt that good. Since then have tried a few different protocols 60 mg every 3.5 and most recently 30 mg EOD with 250mg HCG EOD. No AI. Problem is no matter...
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