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So I got my labs back today
E2-23 it’s the regular test not the sensitive
PSA- 0.6

Anyways question was I am having some libido/ed issues. Was wondering if my e2 is in the right spot? Like I said it’s not the sensitive test. I take .25 a week of anastrozle. Also my doctor wanted to put me on 250iu of hcg twice a week. Will hcg help my libido? And also I have heard hcg can affect depression and anxiety. I have both.
Thanks for any help you can offer!
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impossible to say...no SHBG, No Free T, wrong E test...will HCG help your libido otherwise...no. maybe. but missing key labs is a huge red flag that your Dr isn't qualified to be doing this, you don't say what protocol your following...how is any one supposed read this and make an informed reply when so much is missing?
More to the point most of what's going on with you works much better when you refrain from making new threads for everything and stick to one.
I have done loads of research and wanted to ask a question myself. So I will ask this question for anyone else who want chastise me for asking for help. My doctor said the sensitive test isn’t worth it because it makes no difference. Also my free T is 20.2. All my doctor checks for is T, E, PSA, hemocrat, free T and SHGB. Some have said hcg isn’t worth it with the expectation of testicle size. Others have said it can help sensitivity down there and help libido. Was just wondering if people have experienced the benefits of it. Hopefully I won’t be scolded for asking.
Knowing the SHBG is one of the most important things to know, if not the most important, when establishing a protocol. Having the correct E2 test is also important in order and it does matter.

Some people experience benefit from HCG and some do not. I tried it but did not feel or see any benefit personally.
If that's not the sensitive test, then there's a good chance you're too low on E.
May or may not be what's causing the libido issues for you.
And yes, there is a possibility that hCG will help your libido.
There's also a chance you won't feel a difference.
I'd say go ahead and try it for a month or so and see.
Whenever I would get the standard E2 labs it would always overstates my estrogen level when elevated, there are steroids that look like estrogen which are not and this is why it overstates E2 levels.

HCG dosage is on the low side which may not do much of anything.

SHBG must be measured to determine a proper TRT protocol.
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