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  1. K

    Extremely low ferritin/iron

    Someone help me! Lol Donating blood too frequently but the kicker is I always feel better after donating for a few weeks… but my numbers are horrendous..
  2. D

    Ferritin =114(scale 24-380)

    Should I supplement?
  3. I

    Cool hack to x10 your Ferritin in 5-7 days :)

    I'm not sure why nobody talks about this, and I could only find a study replicating these results in pigs :) Anyway, a 5-7 day fast will result in a lasting increase in Ferritin due to the recycled iron in the body, no supplements, no blood donation madness, nothing, just don't eat for a week...
  4. U

    Dialing in my TRT - Recent bloods - DHEA on floor.

    I’m currently in the middle of decreasing my dose due to high e2 issues that I did not want to mitigate by AI use. The following labs were taken while taking 100mg a week split Monday morning and Thursday evening. IM. Labs drawn Thursday morning on day 14 of new 100mg protocol. E2 sensitive -...
  5. 1

    Anastrozole resulted in high RDW and low ferritin

    Anastrozole resulted in high RDW and low ferritin. Never had this issue before using Arimidex. Anyone else develop high RDW and low ferritin on ADEX? My HGB,HCT,RBC are normal. Doc had me on 1mg/week with 100mg CYP/week. Only plus to ADEX was that it normalized my GGT, which can ride high with...
  6. G

    Managing hematocrit with regular blood donations. Again

    Here we go again. Sorry but there are dozens of dozens of threads and posts on this topic with lots of information but to the best of my knowledge no consensus. Maybe no consensus is possible or even necessary as these things are individual. Let me phrase my next question as carefully as I...
  7. N

    Taking too much iron?

    I crashed my ferritin badly.. I gave blood too frequently and it was at 1. I felt like crap, all of the low ferritin symptoms. Doc told me to stop donating, and get on 350MG Iron + Vitamin C. I went out and got tons of iron supps. The first and second day... I felt amazing. Tons of energy, tons...
  8. Blackhawk

    Daily T cyp/prop results

    The formula, courtesy of @Cataceous 4:3 ratio of T cyp to T prop. 6mg/day testosterone, about 8mg combined with ester weights 7 parts 4/7 *6mg=3.43mg/.7= 4.9mg cypionate @ 200mg/ml = .025ml 3/7 *6mg=2.57mg/.837= 3.07mg proprionate @ 100mg/ml = .031ml Total dose .056ml or 5.6 units U100...
  9. Blackhawk

    Nandrolone for a cancer patient?

    I have had a very rough go with a blood cancer for the last 2 1/2 years. I've lost weight, and more importantly, muscle mass, as my body composition has shifted due to inactivity and in ability to exercise. I am down to 135 pounds, and my weight is still ever so slowly decreasing. There are...
  10. D

    Ferritin really takes this long to increase?

    I took thorne's ferrasorb 3 pills spread throughout the day (108mg/day iron) for 2 weeks. Retested and only got a 3 point increase being at the low end of the range, so basically it didn't do anything. Is this a bad supplement problem or does it really take that long for ferritin to increase...
  11. W

    Any personal experiences with building their ferritin levels back up?

    Would like to know "generally" how long it takes for ferritin to build back up, when supplementing with iron. i.e. X mg iron/day increased ferritin by X points in X time Has anyone kept track of this?
  12. G

    SHBG finally increased, but the hematocrit increased, ferritin decreased. Thyroid?

    High hematocrit, low ferritin and thyroid. Does taking 15 mg of ferrous sulfate increase ferritin? Hello everybody. I will attach my exams below and I would like your opinion. Thank you very much. In early January of this year I had a phlebotomy due to an increase in hematocrit. I only did...
  13. E

    High iron and extremely high ferritin

    Hi everyone. I've been on trt for a while and I never felt well on it. I tried to come off recently, I ran hcg for a month 500 eod, then started nolva for 3 weeks. I ultimately couldn't tolerate how badly I felt coming off and injected test and went for a blood test just to see my general health...
  14. R

    Low ferritin

    Hi all, I used to be active on the peaktestosterone site but haven’t participated much recently. I’ve been on cypionate injections for many years. For the last 6 months or so I’ve been injecting 50mg (.25 ml) twice a week Subq. I’ve been donating blood frequently also. 4 times this year, 5...
  15. B

    Would you donate blood with this iron level?

    Hello everyone, Let me get straight to the point. My doctor wants me to donate blood because he says my hematocrit has been high for the past 3 blood tests. He says he wants me back to the normal range or the medical board is going to be like what is going on with this patient of yours that...
  16. S

    Very Low Iron and Ferritin

    So I have been on TRT for about 3 years. 38 year old Male...was suffering from fatigue/brain fog/high stress. Test was 320 at the outset of this. So I self administered 200 mg Test Cyp every 7 days for about 2 years. I routinely gave blood to keep my HGB around 15... That’s when I got my...
  17. S

    A Question About Low Ferritin.

    I have had some strange symptoms lately. Feeling very tired along with body aches and general itchiness all over. At first I thought dry skin but its really beyond that. Had a blood test on Friday and my ferritin came back low at 12. I was surprised because I haven't had to donate blood in about...
  18. Gianluca

    are you on NAC? what is your Ferritin level?

    I have come to realize from anecdotal evidence that NAC lowers Ferrtin, it keeps mine always about 80. I take 600mg daily from Jarrow, the slow released one. Do you take NAC and check regularly your Ferrtin? Dr Crisler once told me my ferrtin was lowish, and I also have hypothyrodim symptoms...
  19. J

    Ferritin low

    I donated 3 time since I been on TRT now my ferritin level is 25 and total iron is at 104 what can I take for ferritin level to go up ?
  20. G

    Will breaking up the dose into 2-3 weekly injections help with Hematocrit?

    I've been dealing with multiple issues with high H and H numbers and iron deficiency. In just the first 6 months on TRT I've needed 5 phlebotomies and probably need another. I am also iron deficient and needed 2 infusions to recover only to turn around and require more phlebotomies. At this...
  21. S

    Very Low Ferritin with High Iron?

    My Ferritin tested 5 weeks ago was 14. I donated blood a couple days ago so who knows what it is now. But my Iron was 140. A few years ago when I was donating blood every 3 months I had a Ferritin level of zero. I don't even know how thats possible but the lab said my Ferritin was undetectable...
  22. J

    Thyroid or Ferritin problems?

    Hi guys Thyroid or Iron problem? I do have a problem with heart palpitation, anxiety, chest pain, brain fog. Not always, I can be good for a 1-2 months and then it hit me and I'm bad for 1-3 weeks. I have taken "all" the blood tests and had EKG, 24 hour EKG, Ultrasound, and all "good" there. But...
  23. H

    Some IRON math

    I decided to take a look at how many times i have donated blood since I started TRT: total of 8 times (whole blood) during a period of 20 months (so approximately once every 10 weeks) to keep HCT in check. Every time you donate whole blood the body loses ~ 250mg of iron. So i lost a total of...
  24. H

    New blood results - Need some help

    Maybe Doctor Saya can shed some light. I am so depressed after checking my latest blood work. I am thinking about quitting TRT (which would be devastating since it has made me feel good again after years feeling miserable). My current protocol is: 90 mg testosterone cypionate 2 x week 500IU HCG...
  25. H

    Low ferritin and high total iron

    I have been donating blood every 2/3 months and my ferritin levels are low (11 - range 20-345) but my total iron is high (216 - range 50-180). Other test results below: Iron binding capacity 482 - range 250-425 % saturation 45 - range 15-60 Any comments why is that? If dangerous and how to fix it?
  26. Nelson Vergel

    Iron and Ferritin Test Descriptions

    Introduction: Key Roles of Iron in the Body Normal Iron Balance: Iron Absorption in the Small Intestine Heme iron Non-heme iron Iron Reabsorption through Red Blood Cell Recycling Normal Iron Loss Iron Blood Tests 1) Serum ferritin 2) Blood Iron 3) Total Iron-Binding Capacity 4)...
  27. Nelson Vergel

    All About Iron and Ferritin Tests

    Introduction: Key Roles of Iron in the Body Normal Iron Balance: Iron Absorption in the Small Intestine Heme iron Non-heme iron Iron Reabsorption through Red Blood Cell Recycling Normal Iron Loss Iron Blood Tests 1) Serum ferritin 2) Blood Iron 3) Total Iron-Binding Capacity 4)...
  28. Nelson Vergel

    Tired of Being Tired?- A New Fatigue Exploration Panel Can Help

    Fatigue is can be very frustrating for many people since it can have several causes. There's the normal tiredness we feel at the end of every day, the tiredness that comes from being a hard-working person. But sometimes that fatigue goes beyond just the "norm". It pervades your muscles, fogs up...
  29. Nelson Vergel

    Monitoring Your Blood Tests While on Testosterone

    Before undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), it's vital to obtain a number of blood tests. The main blood tests to measure are: total and free testosterone, hematocrit, PSA, estradiol, HDL cholesterol, and others. Pre-treatment testing provides doctors with baseline values to...
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