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  1. J

    How many units on an insulin syringe to get 300mg?

    I have found very little info on this. I need to inject 300mg but don't know how many units. My syringe is 100 units or 1ml. Any help appreciated.
  2. aneuman

    My 6 weeks TRT Labs: advise welcome

    Hello guys, Many of you are aware of my journey, but for those who don't know, I started with HCG 2000 IU a week, felt like a greek God for two weeks, then back to basics, Enclomiphene, Great labs but no symptom relief, then Enclomiphene + HCG, some improvements, then TRT. I was prescribed 100...
  3. D

    HELP! Adjusting TRT Protocol-Acne, Libido, Low Free T

    Hello, I am 35 175lbs 5’11 and have been on TRT for 2 years. I have been trying to find my sweet spot and get dialed in the majority of the 2 years. I work out 6 days a week and eat very healthy etc…My current issues are: Back acne Oily face Low libido Testes and penis always feel cold and have...
  4. T

    New to TRT. Is this overkill?

    I live in Europe and went to multiple doctors due to low T. After multiple interventions that didn’t really help (losing 20kg, more sport, etc.) I talked to some doctors who wanted to give me TRT. Here where I live the current regimes are quite conservative however. Low dosed testogel or test...
  5. Pacman

    Very basic question regarding how to adjust AI dosages based on T dosages

    I been on TRT for 10 years at this point. I find that my current default "sweet spot" (as far feeling good and having a fairly high sex drive and function) revolves around the 100-130 mg T cyp every 3 days with no AI. Occasionally though I like to experiment with different dosages (in both...
  6. J

    Big and Tall TRT dosage

    I need some advice on dosage. My doctor has me on .33ml a day subQ injection which comes out to 462mg a week. I am 6’6” 355lb. My labs after one week were extremely high and i’m having some crazy brain fog. How many milligrams do you recommend on a daily SubQ injection for someone my size?
  7. S

    Dosage question for daily injections

    I have been on trt for about three months. Started at .15 ml per day now at .2 per day. I can’t figure out how many mg a day or week I am taking. I am on testosterone cypionate at 200mg/ml. Am I calculating right that I am at 280 mg per week?
  8. M

    Could dose be to high with these symptoms?

    Hi guys 3 weeks ago i started a new protocol coming from a daily one. I now do 100mg e5d. As for the last week Im experiencing symptoms like being very nervous, very anxious, bloodpressure is arround 140/90. Normaly its always arround 125/70. I really dont like this feeling. It freaks me out...
  9. J

    How to actually divide doses & Depot OK?

    Hello Guys, Great forum you have here to help us be a better man. Just got into TRT but in Mexico Doctors dont really know about it... I do have a Doctor guidance to check my levels before and after TRT. Looking into getting 150mg weekly split in two. 1) How do I actually divide the...
  10. C

    TRT Dosage

    Hei guys I am new here and done my first labtest on 150mg Test propionat per week (42mg Test prop e2d) with hcg 500iu e3d. I think i will higher the dose to 210mg per week with daily administration. So i think my shbg will go up and free and total T also. Because of high aromatase activity i...
  11. G

    Alternating Dosage Every other day on Daily Dosing

    Hi everyone, Just a theory I've been having. I started doing daily dosing recently and it's probably the best I've felt since staring TRT. I'm a low SHBG by the way (around 20). But my main issue is insomnia and I'm curious if this is caused by having a steady state of high test levels. So...
  12. A


    Hey all, Glad to be here (my first post) I began a TRT protocol for the first time with a T Clinic, 3.5 weeks ago. They've prescribed me 1ML p/day of the follow "Atrevis 10% 100MG/ML" It's says Atrevis gel on the bottle, but it's a cream. I was shocked when I asked the doc how much would...
  13. X

    Titrating down: advice please

    Dear all. Hope you're all well. I was wondering if I might tap into some of the great knowledge of you guys. Thanks to this forum, I recently decided to titrate my dosage of 160mg (test cyp) down to a more "sensible" level where I don't need to use an AI, and still get the benefits of TRT. On...
  14. X

    Advice on reducing test dosage

    Hi all, I'd like some advice on reducing my testosterone dosage. Please by all means, treat me like the idiot I am because I still have much to learn. Below is my latest blood test results (as of yesterday). Testosterone translates to 946ng/dl and E2 to 31.3 pg/ml. From what I understand...
  15. T

    enclomiphene 50mg split into 6.25mg

    Is it possible to split a 50mg tablet into 6.25mg doses? The 50mg tablets are all that's available. i'm considering buying tablet capsules and adding crushed tablets roughly dosed since accurate scales would be expensive. Maybe someone with more experience has a better idea.
  16. A

    Has anyone use retinol for acne?

    I know many have experience with Accutane, and claim that they cleared their Acne up permanently, But does anyone have experience with retinol, which is essentially topical Accutane? since upping my dose, I’ve experienced a bit of acne. But I don’t want to take Accutane due to the long-term...
  17. A

    How long does it take you typically to get fully dialed in after changing a dose?

    I know many say 6 weeks, but for me its more... 2-3 months. How long does it take you to get fully adjusted to a protocol change?
  18. A

    Do I need to lower my dose when switching to an insulin syringe?

    I recently started using insulin syringes, rather than the typical hypodermic needle. I inject 30mg every other day, and felt this would be much more convenient in terms of sustainability and preventing needle fatigue. However, when using a hypodermic needle with a replaceable tip, there is...
  19. P

    Ipamorelin CJC Receptors and Dosing

    Hi all, I've been taking ipamorelin and cjc w/o DAC for a few months now and had really good results with energy and body comp. I've read that the pulse affect can last for several days so I only take 4 days a week at 1ooiu twice a day. My first question: do you need to cycle off for the...
  20. U

    protocol suggestion

    Hello all, was hoping to get suggestions. For the past few years I have been taking 100mg every 3.5 days along with .25-.5 mg of anastrozole with each injection. Lab results from bloodwork at trough, right before next injection: Total MS Testosterone 888 ng/dL (250-1100) Dialysis free...
  21. R

    Dosage protocol and lab test change help

    My blood results from 100mg Test Cyp only ,once weekly injections, after one month time, tested on trough day was as follows, this was from my Dr's own in house lab; Dr's in house lab results; Hemocrit 50.4 range; [40-54] Total T 524 [193-740 ng/dl] Free T...
  22. S

    Noob - EOD Dosage

    I was just prescribed 210MG Cypionate a week split in two injections. HCG 500IU a week split in two injections. Based on the information below I am assuming I am going to be a high aromatiser. Also, what I have read on this forum the dosage seems high and I was thinking that lowering the dose...
  23. T

    Prop vs Cyp Dosage

    What Im seeing with Prop is that the vial strength is 100mg/mL, unlike my Cyp @ 200mg/mL. Could someone tell me if I'm doing 9mg daily on Cyp what the appropriate Dosage with propianate should be? Before anyone comments... The doctor is doing this to reduce my hematocrit from rising so fast...
  24. S

    Does TRT effect eyesight?

    So I'm on week 4 of a dosage reduction. Dropping from 250mg to 200mg. (Will likely drop to 175). I noticed yesterday that my right eye is very blurry at 2 feet away (computer screen). I had Lasik several years ago and have had better than 20/20 vision every time I'm tested. So wondering if...
  25. S

    Blood work HCG Monotherapy low DHT

    Good morning everbody, Im 27 y. old, 80kg, 12% bf. I´m hypothyroid and and have hypogonadism. I´m on a HCG-Monotherapy. (750 I.E. Hcg eod, 125 mcg L-Thyroxin) I think that my thyroid gland is not yet functioning properly and therefore my testosterone synthesis is also limited. Hopefully when my...
  26. P

    How do I microdose Anastrozole?

    Hi fellows, I'm currently taking .125mg of Anastrozole 2x a week. I'd like up my dosage but not by a 50% and .125mg capsules are the smallest I can get and it's important I take them on certain days of the week as I try to match the peaks and valleys of my AI to my T levels. I use this...
  27. 5

    TRT Dosage advice?

    Hey all - I started TRT about a year ago, 100mg TC x2/week. Tests kept coming back T>1500 and the doc didn't seem at all concerned, so I dropped myself to 70mg x2 a month ago and saw improved sexual function. Still lots of room for improvement but getting better. Blood test yesterday, the day...
  28. N

    Proper measuring question

    Newbie question, but I have noticed if I load the syringe with my dose , and I make sure there is no air between the opening of needle and the plunger then I seem to be injecting more test than my dose Do I account for this when measuring , or Do I only measure what’s in the syringe and not in...
  29. C

    What is reliable way to measure T3 dose?

    How do I measure what the correct dosage of T3 is right for me? Should I slowly increase my dose until my RT3 goes to normal level? Should it be based on TSH? Should it be based on body temperature and pulse rate (I am aware that my resting pulse shouldn't exceed 80 and body temperature 98.6)...
  30. W

    When going from one does per week to split doses per week, how long does it take to feel the effects?

    I just went from doing 50 mg twice per week to 60 mg TC twice per week. Can anybody that’s made a dosage change tell me their experience and how long it takes to feel the effects if any? I know the canned answer is six weeks. I’m just looking for real experience when switching dosage. Thanks...
  31. W

    TRT and working out. Benefits start at what point if any?

    Hi All, I have been on TC 50mg X 2 weekly and 375 HCG 3 X weekly. Just got the ok to go to 60mg X 2 weekly. TT 759 (Labcorp). I'm sure TT will go up a bit. I'm 58 years old. I currently don't workout, never did, but am thinking about starting at a gym. Is this enough of a test dosage and...
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