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  1. W

    Aromasin Brain Fog Regardless of Estrogen Levels?

    Anyone notice that for roughly 24-48 hours after taking aromasin that they experience brainfog despite where their estrogen levels are?
  2. N

    Penis sensitivity on arimidex vs aromasin

    total test: 1000 e2:24 12,5 aromasin twice weekly. everything in check. feel good but hard to cum and very bad sensitivity. 0,25 caber weekly makes me hornier but sensitivity still not good. adex 0,25 twice weekly on the same protocol : sensitivity thru the roof, come very fast inside my girl...
  3. S

    The best method of dialling in Aromasin dosage

    Dialling in your AI dosage can feel a bit like walking a tight rope, especially with Aromasin as crashing your E2 with it is more unforgiving than with Arimidex due to Aromasin's suicidal nature. A study Pharmacokinetics and Dose Finding of a Potent Aromatase Inhibitor, Aromasin (Exemestane)...
  4. S

    Hot flashes are unlikely to be a symptom of increasing or increased E2, and more likely to be a symptom of decreases in E2 levels or low E2.

    After reading up a ton of literature on Estrogen effects on males, there's really a whole bunch of realisations about how extremely useful it is in male function and consequently how misunderstood and mishandled it is by men or TRT clinics. I'm glad Nelson seems to have a much better...
  5. F

    Estrogen Drop - Weird Symptoms

    Wanted to preface this by saying if you are searching the boards for crashed estrogen recovery and some reassuring stories of recovery, I'm on the same boat right now and can say you will be OK. Having strong mindset to overcome this will make this ride easier, I promise you. As far as the...
  6. E

    High Estradiol Levels

    I just recently had bloodwork done and my test is at 560 ng/dl and estradiol at 49 pg/dl which is about 7 pg/dl above the reference range. I do have some body fat probably around 20-25%. I want to experiment with some HCG and try to get my test into the upper of that range. Should I be worried...
  7. U

    I found a TRT protocol that works

    So after trying injections for 2.5 years I went back to testosterone pellets. I'm one week in and my libido is already coming back strong. I started on pellets 6 years ago and stayed on them for 3 years and they always worked great. I stopped them because every now and then I'd have one that...
  8. C

    Estrogen receptor damage from AI

    Hello, does any one else here at the moment runs in the same problems as me? I’ve been trt for about 4 years now, and used about three years aromatase inhibitors, letro arimidex and aromasin, i’ve been used them all, and always caused me crushes e2 symptoms when i took them even while my e2 was...
  9. Ckblgr

    How to Dose Aromasin (Exemestane) -- A Proposal

    All, I love how aromasin (exemestane) makes me feel, much more than arimidex (anastrazole). Anastrazole feels harsh and slightly poisonous, where exemestane feels smooth and mild. I have been using it on and off for years as a stand-alone, to both increase testosterone, lower SHBG and control...
  10. S

    Having trouble fighting off depression ~8 weeks in, suggestions?

    Hey guys, rewrote this post to be easier to follow. Started on TRT in mid June to help with libido, erection, mood, confidence and energy issues I've had for years. I have a pituitary tumor and treatments relative to that had not been helpful at all. I "tried" TRT before this - that is, I was...
  11. 7

    HCG causing water retention? on PCT after Sustanon

    I have done a 12 week cycle of Sustanon at 500mg per week and it has now been 1 week since my last injection of 250 mg (I was doing two shots each at 250mg per week). Started taking HCG at 1500 iu E3D from Friday last week and now noticing water retention. Especially in face and stomach. My...
  12. P

    Ceasing TRT Cold Turkey After Three Years - Restart Log

    This post is going to serve solely as a log of my side effects, blood work and overall thoughts as I attempt to come off TRT - cold turkey - after three years. I'm also going to document changes in body composition and strength levels; I'm not particularly big, strong or lean, but I haven't seen...
  13. S

    OPEN STUDY: What levels of free T, Testosterone, E2, prolactin, cortisol do you feel best at?

    All of us are following our protocols quite blindly, trying to optimise but unsure what values to optimise to. The lab ranges vary between countries and labs. The NHS for example sets it upper T limit at 750 - whereas many people in the US naturally have higher levels than this and are perfectly...
  14. G

    Interesting AI blood work data

    So I've always heard that Exemestane has the unique properties of lowering SHBG and raising IGF-1, compared to Anastrozole. I've also heard, that 1 tab of Exemestane (25mg), is basically equivalent to 1 tab of Anastrozole (1mg). I just wanted to post some blood work I had 4 months apart from...
  15. Z

    33 y/o, elevated Estradiol, looking for advice

    Hi, first post here, hoping to find some advice. If this in in the wrong subforum mods please let me know. Anyway I’m a 33 y/o male, 5'10" 195lbs, lifting frequently for 18 month now and by my estimate would be at about 20% body fat, most of which is on my chest and stomach. Haven’t touched...
  16. F

    Need answers while I have the energy to do something about it...

    I posted this in “ask the doc” but I’m posting it here too because I desperately need answers from anyone who has them. I need to figure out a plan while I actually have the energy to do something about it... I’m going to try to be a minimalist so this post doesn’t run away from me but as an...
  17. B

    Time for symptom relief? Aromasin "kick in" hcg etc

    General Questions I been having hard time with getting some anecdotal information on. 1) How long after starting an AI do you actually feel the benefits of it? I'm not gyno prone, but definitely bloated, mediocre sex drive, moodiness, erectile dysfunction and sexual sensitivity (when I can get...
  18. G

    Aromasin - I May Have Crashed My E2

    Hi, my problem is low testosterone and high estradiol. I am 36 year old male. Suffering from social anxiety, low energy,low sex drive, depression, low libido.Nothing makes me happy. Also suffering from hashimoto, but even if my TSH is in range, my test. and estradiol is still same. My doctor...
  19. maxadvance

    Aromasin as a prescribed AI

    Any opinions on this AI? I've heard it is less debilitating than anostrozole and just has a better rep. Also heard that it can't compounded yet because of Upjohns strong patent. So maybe cost is a concern?
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