Would like to know why some men choose more frequent injections at smaller does like twice weekly or E3D. Thinking of going to twice weekly

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Greetings all.

I am on a once weekly injection schedule with 150mg of T cyp on Mondays, then .25mg anastrozole on Tuesdays, and .1mg anastrozole on Fridays and Sundays. This causes my T to range from approx 1200 at peak and 500 seven days later before next injection. Is this a normal swing?

I'm thinking of going back to twice weekly regimen. I hear a number men say that more frequent injections of smaller doses is better for them. Why is that?

On once weekly, I usually feel a libido spike the day of injection or the next day. I take 150 mg (.75cc) on the once weekly shot. I then take .25mg of anastrozole the day after injection, but sometimes I sense the anastrozole decreases the libido spike. Would the libido be more consistent on a twice weekly or more frequent schedule?

The other question is--- how do you switch from a once weekly to twice weekly? For example, I take my once a week injection on Mondays. If I switch to twice weekly, do I start the smaller dosage on Thursday (3 days after my Monday weekly injection), or do I wait a whole week and start the twice weekly on a Monday, which would be 7 days later?

On twice weekly I'd probably do a Mon/Thur schedule with T cyp of 70-75 mg each injection and .1 mg anastrozole the day after injection.

Lastly, what are some reasons guys would choose to do an E3D or EOD regiment?

Thank you for your thoughts.