twice weekly

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  1. D

    Would like to know why some men choose more frequent injections at smaller does like twice weekly or E3D. Thinking of going to twice weekly

    Greetings all. I am on a once weekly injection schedule with 150mg of T cyp on Mondays, then .25mg anastrozole on Tuesdays, and .1mg anastrozole on Fridays and Sundays. This causes my T to range from approx 1200 at peak and 500 seven days later before next injection. Is this a normal swing...
  2. K

    Study re: bi-weekly injections

    Hi guys I'm considering bi-weekly injections to better manage hct, then I saw this... thoughts? Now i'm confused. Thoughts? Thanks, Kaes American Urological Association
  3. J

    Split dose (2x weekly) and blood draw timing

    About 4 weeks ago I went to 2x weekly split dose of Cyp. My doctor told me to always inject weekly so he can test at the trough. He does not know I am doing 2x weekly (50%). When I was on .75mls/150mg per week I was finding I would feel crummy by the 5th day. After splitting the dose I feel more...
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