What is Optimal Estradiol Range for Libido/Erection

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Before I started testosterone my erections were weak. Viagra was my best friend. When I started injecting testosterone my erections and libido increased. But is there a way to make it better?

I keep hearing people say that high estradiol increases libido/erections. Other places say high estradiol can cause ED. What is considered high? Mine is 46 pg/ml (clinically high). I have heard the optimal range is 20 to 25. Does this mean libido will be better in the 20 to 25 range?
Libido and erections are really two different things. Interest is one thing, and the ability to act on it with an erection can be something else.

Like my friends above, your E number is unique to YOU. I do my best when my E2 is in the single digits. Lots of trial and error and it takes time.
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Well it ain’t broken now and no need for viagra anymore but thinking of experimenting at getting my E between 20 to 25 range see and what happens.

So why is it we have constant boners and sex drive in our teens? Is being horney a psychological thing? Does our libido decrease as we get older because we are just psychologically desensitized…like been there done that kinda thing?


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I can only tell you what happen and make up your conclusion.

example one:
had 0.5MG arimidix ( which took my estrogen to crazy low levels) I had all kind of crazy ideas, anxiety all kind of shit so I later mixed vodka with arimidix and starting taking 0.05 or even 0.025 just one drop ! then I got good estrogen levels ( no anxiety )

example two:

my Estrogen was high ( didn't take AI, also I had a surge in E cuz my HCG started working again had bad vials ) took my E to high levels.
couldn't reach orgasm I can go forever sometimes I just have to stop actually most of the time I had to stop. very moody get mad easily at anything.

these two example is enough for me to control Estrogen