Subq/IM differences and issues. Has anyone experienced this?

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Having trouble dialing in due to one issue. I feel great on Subq injections and my dose is 70mgs a week split into EOD injections. This brings my total T - 729, free t - 156.7 and E2 - 38. My problem is that my constipation returns exactly after 4 weeks of doing subq. I had constipation before TRT and when I first started I was doing deep IM injections and after about 3 weeks my bowls cleared out like never before and my constipation issue disappeared completely, until I did subq. I switched because I could just not get dialed in on IM. I was having huge flucations on mood, energy, libido and ED all over the place no matter what I did. I tried 120mgs to 140mgs. 140mgs or more caused hot flashes, ED, acne, mood swings, insomnia, etc. and anything less than 120mgs brings back all my low t symptoms on deep IM. I was splitting my dose up into eod injections with IM also but it just felt like a constant roller coaster. When I switched to subq everything disappeared. Completely stable. No hot flashes, no ed, no mood issues, libido through the roof, slept perfect and then boom 4 weeks comes and my constipation returns exactly at 4 weeks. I've done this test now 3 times and waited 8 weeks each time before making changes.

My SHBG has stayed between 16-18 for the last year now. I've read a lot of mixed things about it and how it can affect your trt protocol. Has anybody experienced constipation with subq? were you able to remediate the issue? Anyone have any ideas? I've been researching as much as I can but can't find anything on this. Thanks.

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