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  1. L

    Lump lasting 3 months from SubQ Cyp

    Hi everyone, I injected 0.25mg Subq testosterone Cypionate under my skin in my belly about 2-3 months ago, and now there's a swelling that won't go away and has even gotten a bit bigger. I talked to two doctors, and they said I should stop injecting near the area and just wait, even if it takes...
  2. D

    Subq/IM differences and issues. Has anyone experienced this?

    Having trouble dialing in due to one issue. I feel great on Subq injections and my dose is 70mgs a week split into EOD injections. This brings my total T - 729, free t - 156.7 and E2 - 38. My problem is that my constipation returns exactly after 4 weeks of doing subq. I had constipation before...
  3. B

    How i finally found a way to go subQ and why i wished....

    Hello fellas, i have opened a thread a couple months ago where I wrote how Everytime I try to go subQ TRT after 2-3 weeks it's like i am off TRT... I have tried this 3! Times and always ended up going intra muscular again. I didn't have any problems with IM injections. But I wanted to inject 3...
  4. W

    Can 5/16 needle be used for shallow IM (deltoid)?

    My intention is not to rehash the endless IM versus Subq debate around here. I am merely curious whether a shorter 5/16" needle can be used in deltoid for shallow IM. Most including myself would typically use a minimum of 1/2" for shallow IM. However, I find that 1/2" occasional gives a...
  5. C

    Anxiety- monoamine oxidase?

    Anyone know or understand anything about how this pertains to TRT anxiety? I’ve seemed to have anxiety on TRt for really the entirety of the 6 years I’ve been on. I’m currently on a low 10mg SQ daily dose, and honestly the anxiety has been way worse. Random heart rate spikes in the afternoon...
  6. B

    SubQ level build up

    Hey guys I have tried to go SubQ 2 times. But I had to stop between the 2-3 weeks cause I felt like shit. Lost strength, was depressed and was tired all the time. First time it was 150 twice weekly divided in 2 shots 75 mg Second time it was 15 mg every day. When I inject intra muscular all...
  7. H

    Sub q lump lasting a month?

    I have a sub q lump and it’s been slowly shrinking over the course of the past month and I had my doctor check it and they said everything is fine it’s just a inflammatory reaction and I feel fine also. But I’m worried about the length of time I’ve had it is this normal or has ever happened to...
  8. M

    Nodule from SubQ Injections

    Requisite Background: TRT patient for 5 years - current protocol is Test 80mg 2x/week, HCG 500iu 2x/week - and, I'm also currently taking HMG 75iu 3x/week in my quest to regain my fertility. Through the years, I experimented with multiple different protocols, from the standard 100mg injection...
  9. M

    Shallow Testosterone IM versus SubQ Injections - Lab Results

    Background: I have been on TRT for about 15 years. I've never really struggled with TRT but I was always tweaking my protocol like many do. The past several years I have been really dialed in well and have not messed with my protocol at all. That protocol has been injecting 24mg shallow IM...
  10. J

    Sub Q injection question

    I inject both T and HCG Sub-Q. My question is, as long as it’s going into subcutaneous tissue does it really matter where it goes? Stomach fat injections always hurt and leave welts and sometimes bruises.. not much of it there maybe, so always do a SubQ glute injection. Will that make a difference?
  11. H

    Subq vs IM impact on Hematocrit

    I just would like to hear from people that switched from IM to subq (keeping dose and frequency the same) if it had any impact on hematocrit. I have been thinking about injecting my nandrolone subq (instead of IM) and keep testosterone IM (i feel better and also my estradiol gets too low on...
  12. W

    Best injection technique for low dose daily SubQ?

    I switched this year from E3.5 injections to low dose daily injections thanks to @Cataceous. I'm currently injecting 8mg each morning of Propionate-only after trying a blend of Cypionate and Prop. Like many on here, I started with harpoon needles from my general physician and than graduated...
  13. T

    Going to daily subq need help converting dosage

    I’m on 200mg test cyp every other day and just recently got some 28 g 100 u syringes in and want to do daily subq injections. How much daily would I have to inject? I’m not sure what line in the syringe to fill it to. Thanks for the help
  14. J

    Test Prop SubQ bumps

    Hi. I use Test Prop for my TRT SubQ and on occasion I'll get one of those hard bumps at the injection site on my abdomen. I massage it in after I inject, but this still happens on occasion. So basically I had two questions.... 1. Any way to limit this further? Is it a Test Prop thing or...
  15. M

    SubQ experience?

    Hi. There is people would like to share their experience with subq ?
  16. R

    First sub-q pin this morning - advice please

    I've been on gel for 7 months and progressed to subq this morning. Using Test-Enanthate and will pin EOD 0.25ml for a total of 1ml/200mg test per week. Yes 200mg is a lot to some but need to see if it will drive my SHBG down. So, using a 29g insulin needle, I battled to pull the esther into...
  17. P

    Shallow IM to SubQ Switch - It is On!

    So, I had been doing shallow IM (25g x 5/8") into the upper arm for the last year or so. I cannot do this injection myself, for whatever, the wife had been doing it. I recently switched - using the same 25g x 5/8" needle to subq in the glute. When doing, I, or the wife, slightly...
  18. J

    Nelson is right, the shoulder in the best injection site...

    When I first started TRT, I was a noob and went for the leg injections but that did not last long because of the soreness. Then I read all the rage about subQ and started injecting into the fat around my stomach area. What I found was that my free test dropped and my estradiol got to high...
  19. B

    SubQ - Really that much better?

    Hi all, I read some articles that references Dr Crisler regarding Subq injections. From what I read, seemes like Dr Crisler suggests SubQ is 20% more effective than IM as far as absorption and may lower estrogen conversion. Any personal experiences in relation to those benefits?
  20. R

    Subq injection volume.

    Hi everyone, My first order from Empower is coming tomorrow and I had a quick question. I've been reading that you dont want more than .5cc of oil under the skin subq and I'm wanting to do subq injections with a 1cc syringe and either 27 or 30g needles. My biweekly dose is .35cc but if I...
  21. B

    Injection/application frequency vs AR receptors

    I remember someone posting on a different forum (can’t find the link now) of increased E2 levels on daily dosing vs. breaking up the same dose into 2-3x/week with T Enanthate. Aromatase activity seems to be higher when the peak and trough in T is eliminated from high-frequency dosing. I also see...
  22. M

    Hard red lump at injection site

    I have a hard red lump which I assume has been caused by an injection. I have been injecting Test Cyp and HCG, both sub q for 3 weeks. Does anyone know what this might be?
  23. W

    SubQ injections* in glute while sitting down?

    Can I successfully inject subcutaneously T, HCG or TB500 in my glute while sitting down? I cannot remain in a standing position (without moving) due to knee injuries...
  24. Nelson Vergel

    Pharmacokinetic Profile of Subcutaneous Testosterone

    The study used 50 mg vs 100 mg testosterone enanthate per week subcutaneously with a 27 gauge 5/8" needle. They also compared both to Pk of one IM shot of 200 mg. Sex Med. 2015 Sep 17;3(4):269-79. doi: 10.1002/sm2.80. eCollection 2015 Dec. Pharmacokinetic Profile of Subcutaneous Testosterone...
  25. B

    Subq Injections Liver Enzymes

    Just curious if any of you have gotten elevated ALT levels from TRT. I've been told high protein diets and hard weight training can cause it as well. I'm trying to figure out a cause. Mine came back as normal AST but ALT was 65 and normal is 45 I believe in the test I took. Everything...
  26. J

    Lumps with subQ in injections

    Hey guys, I keep getting a hard lump after I do my subQ injection into my belly. I've been using a 27ga 1/2" needle. What am I doing wrong? I've been training a lot and my body fat has been dropping drastically, I'm probably around 8% body fat now. Should I start injecting somewhere else...
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