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    Subq/IM differences and issues. Has anyone experienced this?

    Having trouble dialing in due to one issue. I feel great on Subq injections and my dose is 70mgs a week split into EOD injections. This brings my total T - 729, free t - 156.7 and E2 - 38. My problem is that my constipation returns exactly after 4 weeks of doing subq. I had constipation before...
  2. N

    29 1/2 for IM

    I’m not super lean but I’m not overweight or anything. Is 29ga 1/2 needle enough for IM in the thigh or should I use a 1inch?
  3. O

    Needle Gauge for IM/Quads

    Please, I'm not looking for recommendations to switch to my delt or VG. Or to switch to SubQ. I may look into those in the future. For now, I'm just asking about IM in quads. My doc gave me an Rx for 18g needles for drawing and 21g/1-inch needles for IM injections into quads. Two questions...
  4. Z

    Spike In BP upon IM injection enanthate

    Hi all, Just started TRT for low T I'm just 2.8 baseline ..My Dr. and I agreed to start on a low dose @ 0.2ml x2week 80ml total to follow-up blood panel in 3 months.. I initially injected Im 0.4ml at clinic this was my first IM injection at about the 2hour mark my ears turned red and face did...
  5. Z

    Injection locations

    Hello, so I just went back on injections. It’s been over a year and a half since I was on them and sort of forgot the good spots for injecting. I am doing my upper thigh for sub Q. But I remember hearing the stomach was pretty good for sub Q. What was the benefits of sub q over IM? Also my e2...
  6. L

    IM or SubQ

    So, who all has tried both subQ and IM and what difference did you notice? Which do you prefer, and what frequency and dosage gets you to what levels each way?
  7. K

    Low Shgb

    32 low T level was 206 when started TRT, first gels (that was a waist) month later started IM shots at 100mg ever 2 weeks (felt horrible) doc bumped it up to 200mg ever 2 weeks. Blood test had my T levels at 69 on trough day. Last 6 weeks I’ve been on 200mg every week now. Feel much better but...
  8. C

    Can you get better TRT response by changing to intramuscular?

    I have been on TRT for about a year and have always taken two shots a week Test Cyp + HCG subcutaneously combined in the same syringe with an oral Arimadex dose on shot day. Current regimen: Monday - Test cyp + HCG subcutaneously and oral AI Thursday - Same as above I recently did a phone...
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