Pregnenolone & DHEA, any of you guys taking them and seeing benefits?


I have a bottle of 100mg pregnenolone tablets at home and took the first one this morning. Other than that I've no experience with it myself.


I tried both DHEA and the Pregnenolone cream and I couldn't tell a difference. With that said, I have had different results with DHEA in the past. About 20 years ago, when DHEA benefits first came into the news for me, I brought a brand at the drugstore and discovered that it put me into a deep coma like sleep at night. It was wonderful. When the bottle was empty, I tossed it out, not remembering what brand it was. I went to the drugstore later, and I brought what I thought was the last brand I had, in the same mg dosage, but it did nothing, and didn't make me sleep well. I have never had that positive experience with DHEA since then. I may try another brand in the future. Everybody reacts differently to meds and supplements, so your results may vary.


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I take Pregnenolone 10 mg and 25 mg of DHEA. It brings my dhea levels in a good range. Also helps to increase my estrogen levels, which normally are low.


Can't say for sure if it was the pregnenolone, but been highly emotional & on the verge of crying today. Can't say I'm looking to repeat it.


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My firsthand, unscientific reports:

Before I was on TRT, taking even a small amount of DHEA would make me feel incredible. "Like the first day of summer" is the best way to describe it. I haven't really experimented with DHEA in a controlled fashion since being on TRT.

I did an experiment where I mega-dosed pregnenolone. I took 30mg three times a day. It felt amazing. There was constant spring in my step. The reason I started the experiment was I read a paper about how mega-dosing pregnenolone was being trialed as a "cure for loneliness" by researchers[1]. But it was a temporary experiment, so I stopped.[2]

1. I wasn't lonely, but I was interested in the effect.
2. And I suspect that these temporary changes in hormones can, by virtue of the *change* itself, maybe cause some kind of mental effect. E.g. some guys feel best between dose changes.

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