Pharma grade quality T in the Netherlands or Europe without rx

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Hi Guys,

I was wondering how you can get pharma grade quality testosterone in the Netherlands or Europe when your gp/doctor or specialist don't want to prescribe you T for TRT cause your T levels are considered in the normal ranges while having (all) symptoms of low T. Any compounding pharmacy who sells T without a prescription in the Netherlands/Europe?

Also, I'm open for any good recommendations for online providers of T/ugl if trustworthy and pharma grade quality T is pretty much assured.

Thanks for your help and recommendations.



I’m sorry, but you are asking for information that we can’t provide. As a men’s health forum we do all we can not to run afoul of regulatory challenges. Trafficking in controlled substances may not be criminal offence in your country, but it is in the United States and Canada - where the bulk of our members live.

If it is medical referrals you’re after, please open another thread and we will be happy to comment.
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