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    Happy on Cypionate but only Sustanon available in EU, dosage?

    So I've been cruising with no sides and no AI on 200 mg/mL test cyp at 40mg EOD for a few months now. Trouble is we've just moved overseas and the doc says in this country all they can get is Sustanon. He's prescribed me 250 mg, one injection per two weeks, old fashioned style, which I will not...
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    Pharma grade quality T in the Netherlands or Europe without rx

    Hi Guys, I was wondering how you can get pharma grade quality testosterone in the Netherlands or Europe when your gp/doctor or specialist don't want to prescribe you T for TRT cause your T levels are considered in the normal ranges while having (all) symptoms of low T. Any compounding pharmacy...
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    TRT in Europe/EU anyone???

    Hello All :) I've been looking into TRT for years, and kinda suspected my T was low. (eat 100% Eco food lift weights all that even do martial arts) Asked a few docs they could not test it or would not. (Europe is totally different than the US) But finally got a test in aug/sep was I was...
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