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  1. madman

    Empower Pharmacy

  2. S

    Where to get nandrolone?

    Does anyone know of a compounding pharmacy, besides Empower, that sells nandrolone?
  3. S

    Testosterone Proprionate Availability after Empower Move

    With Empower having moved to a new facility California patients will not be able to fill prescriptions until the licensing process is complete - and there is no timeline for that last I checked. I was wondering what other compounding pharmacies can fill test prop prescriptions for Californians...
  4. B

    Empower vs Defy and/or Recommendation of Compounding Pharmacy

    My doctor wrote me a script for Test Prop 100mg/ml. Does anyone have any recommendations where to fill it? Empower, Defy and/or another Pharmacy recommendation?
  5. T

    NASEM Assessment on the Safety and Effectiveness of Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (cBHT)

    Email from FDA, emphasis added is mine. One could imagine what this may lead to...women especially may be affected since if T compounded creams go away then that leaves only the pellets or injections. I can tell you how challenging it is to get even a progressive Provider to consider sub-Q...
  6. T

    Pharma grade quality T in the Netherlands or Europe without rx

    Hi Guys, I was wondering how you can get pharma grade quality testosterone in the Netherlands or Europe when your gp/doctor or specialist don't want to prescribe you T for TRT cause your T levels are considered in the normal ranges while having (all) symptoms of low T. Any compounding pharmacy...
  7. DragonBits

    FDA Adds New Compounding Pharmacy Regulations

    In an effort to clarify existing rules and regulations—and create new ones—the FDA has announced its plans and priorities for compounding pharmacy in 2018. Scott Gottlieb, MD, FDA Commissioner says that “because of the profound public health implications,” compounding pharmacy is a “priority.”...
  8. J

    FDA Denies Petition to Allow Compounding Pharmacies to Make Testosterone Pellets

    Testosterone pellets have been placed on the "difficult to compound" list, preventing compounding pharmacies from manufacturing them. A petition to reconsider this decision was denied. If I read the decision correctly, it was because proper procedure for contesting the decision was not followed...
  9. K

    Difference in HCG formulation at Compounding Pharmacies

    APS Pharmacy told me that my Doctor had to change my prescription because they must add theanine to their formulation of 5000IU because of new FDA regulations. Empower says they don't because they formulate 6000IU. Has anyone else heard of this and does the change affect the potency?
  10. C

    Compounding Pharmacy FDA inspections

    I am considering going down the TRT and Trimix road, but I am concerned about compounding pharmacies and the safety of the products. I like researching I found this: And also this...
  11. Nelson Vergel

    Defend Your Access to Compounding Products: Send the FDA your comments

    Background information: FDA compounding enforcement draws ire from Congress The FDA is asking for comments now (Deadline July 18) Please add your comments to defend the compounding industry before the FDA imposes more restrictions. They are requesting comments now...
  12. Nelson Vergel

    New legislation may affect compounding pharmacies and prices

    This is not a review but pertinent to this section on compounding pharmacies. A bipartisan committee of lawmakers from the Senate and the House reached a compromise on Wednesday on legislation that would give the Food and Drug Administration greater control over compounding pharmacies...
  13. Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel touring EmpowerRX Pharmacy's sterile room

    Here with Shaun Noorian, the owner of the pharmacy. Impressive setup for sure
  14. Excel Male

    Benefits of Treating Hypogonadism (Testosterone Deficiency)

    Information provided by Gene Devine What are the Benefits of Treating Hypogonadism? Sexual dysfunction and low libido are among the most easily reversible symptoms of hypogonadism. Systematic reviews of randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials of testosterone in men, including older men...
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