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  1. T

    Online Pharmacy??

    Hi I dont know if this is an appropriate or question on this site or not, but ill give it a try. Im currently working with TRT Nation and in my second week on trt. Its becoming clear that my doctor isnt the best and im wanting to change docs and I want to feel better. He dosing me all around and...
  2. madman

    Cost Plus Drugs
  3. T

    Pharma grade quality T in the Netherlands or Europe without rx

    Hi Guys, I was wondering how you can get pharma grade quality testosterone in the Netherlands or Europe when your gp/doctor or specialist don't want to prescribe you T for TRT cause your T levels are considered in the normal ranges while having (all) symptoms of low T. Any compounding pharmacy...
  4. E

    No prescription online Pharmacy

    What is the best no prescription online Pharmacy to get HCG?
  5. S

    Real Online Pharmacy for ED prescriptions

    not sure if this is the correct place to post this question. on your blogspot you have a link to an online pharmacy SecureTabs. I looked and they have generic Viagra but as far as I know there is no generic version of this drug due to patents. Can you...
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