Oral growth hormone enhancer MK-677 (ibutamoren)

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Nelson..First, thank you for the site. This is by far the most comprehensive one around with actual expert advice. I don't have the luxury of time to weed through bs so it is appreciated.
I have read your posts. I just joined and have tried to start a thread to pose a question. In it I ran down my reg I am on and why; as well as issues. One is IGF-1 and my need for HGH. I have been through the ringer and side effects I do not need. Do you feel the peptide route can really help someone like me that has true hypoput with a serious deficit in IGF and other hormones. I know it's just advice but here in Florida it's not been easy to find a doc that can really help.
Hello Holland240

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Will do. If you get to read my saga I wrote this am about the TRT, HGH, HCG and labs... plus my condition causing me to need them .. I’d greatly appreciate some help
Ibutamoren is more effective than Sermorelin and most GHRP's in increasing IGF-1.

It can increase glucose, prolactin and cortisol. It can increase appetite and weight gain. Studies were done in older men and women who did not exercise and they gained equal amounts of lean and fat mass.

I took it and could not stop eating. It seems that appetite normalizes after 2 weeks. Some of my friends stopped it since they did not like how they felt on it. I felt OK but stopped it due to water retention.

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Hi Nelson,

I too took MK677 at 12 mg per day for a year...I did notice some benefits but the appetite and weight gain were a problem for me as well..I did not like that feeling of constant hunger and at times it felt uncomfortable.i also noticed I didn’t feel quite right on it ( for me anyways)..

I did notice some deeper sleep/more vivid dreams (not longer sleep) and not consistent. I feel it also did help my planter facscitis improve and that was about the extent of what I noticed..I then went off the MK677 and lost 16 pounds I had gained in about 3 months very easily..I also felt better without the hunger pains coming and going..I was off the MK677 for a year before starting the pharmaceutical grade HGH.

I just recently (5 weeks ago) started doctor prescribed pharmaceutical grade (norditropin) growth hormone, 1.5 IUs for 5 days on, 2 days off. I know the effects will be slow but so far no increase in hunger at all and just a few pounds of water weight has been gained which I expected..i’ve also noticed a leaning effect on my mid section and musculature (increased vasculinity)..Sleep quality has also just started to improve (deeper sleep more vivid dreams). The joints have become a little sore but the Dr says that will go away once my body adjusts to the HGH..I also feel my endurance is a bit more improved and my mind feels less foggy and more clear..that’s about it so far..

I guess what I’m saying is that I am noticing that the pharmaceutical grade HGH is having a far superior effect on my body than I experienced on the MK677..I am also just feeling better on the real HGH..My doctor says it will take at least 6 to 9 months to really notice the benefits (if any) from the HGH..

Cost comparison for MK677 vs HGH is: MK677 was $100.00 USD per month and HGH is $300.00 CAD per month..I added the dollar difference because I live in Canada..so I’m paying about double for the real thing..

Hope that helps..I can update my progress later if anyone is interested..


Wow - I wish we could get pharma grade GH here in the US for $300/month.
You can’t? Why? how much is it in the US? I’m only taking 10 mg or 30 IUs per month..I use the 10mg prefilled Norditropin Nordiflex pen..it’s really easy to use..you just put on the disposable needle, set the dose and inject..easy peasy..
For ibutamoren and other growth hormone secretagogues after stopping using it do GH and IGF-1 levels go back to baseline levels in a short period of time or there is a longer term effect after stopping using?
So blood pressure/water retention on 10mg? Or when went up to 20mg?
I started at 20mg (10mg twice a day). After a couple if weeks water retention and BP up. So i reduced to 10mg for a couple of more weeks and same issues. Stopped ibutamoren and in a few days everything back to normal.