I replace all my hormones. Here is what I learned.

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Yes, I do regularly monitor my vital signs.

Around 4 months ago. Now I just use the occasional 3-5mg of HC when I need it (e.g. 2x per week). When I feel run down, I do use modafinil usually (30-50mg)

I meant would you mind telling us your average BP, resting HR, sleeping HR? As obviously with hormones it's unnatural. eg. I guess perfect would be 110/70 50 HR and 40 sleep. But now you are low thyroid maybe they are lower than when you were on all the hormones.

Modafinil mucks up my sleep too much, and raises my HR/BP but would be great otherwise.
3-5mg x 2 HC a week is nearly nothing so pretty good, so well done!
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RR: 120/70
Sleeping HR: 50
RHR: 60

They are actually now higher compared to what they were before, the reason being I added semaglutide which elevated my HR by 10 or more.

Whenever I need a stim, I take very small doses of ephedrine (i.e. 4mg -which is a very very small dose), which I like much better than caffeine.
They all seem really good, considering you are on no heart rate medications. That's a pretty low sleeping HR if that is your average—very interesting if they were lower than that on hydrocortisone.

Both those drugs seem very geared to appetite suppression. Are you fasting or something? I guess in theory it is good for you to not eat very much if there are no adverse side effects like a really fast heart rate. Briefly looking online, Semaglutide seems really expensive, unless its the oral.

Do you think your light stim usage enabled you to get off the HC? I'm thinking the stims must encourage adrenaline/cortisol/T4 to be produced if you supplement pregnenolone.

I would like to try a very low dose stim that doesn't keep me up like modafinil. Ephedrine looks interesting but powerful, I guess I would try that or ritalin really low dose in the future.
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