I Haven’t Slept in 4 years. What to Do?


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That's a very interesting mix. pregnonolone can sometimes cause insomnia, and it (I think) increases estrogen in the body. The rest definitely sounds like a knockout. I don't know that I could stay awake for 2 hours with that much normally, but it sounds like a good use for when I am flying overseas and can't rest. Do you need to drink a lot of water because of the hydroxizine?


anybody will prescribe you hydroxizine. in some places like canada it is OTC i've heard.

I use antihistamine for sleep also. I think using antihistamine for a long period of time is not good for health. I see hair loss/ hair thining. Plus feel drowsy after I wake up.

Melatonin+ Magnesium citrate is best for sleep if them help someone to sleep.

Harddest time for me is to fall in sleep. Staying in sleep is not an issue for me. Although I a very light sleeper. Wake up even with a bit noise. I use white noise also during sleep to block unwanted noise.

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