Hematacrit lab accuracy and fluctuation throughout the day

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So I had a CBC on Tuesday and didn’t think I was dehydrated, but my veins didn’t really show up very well so maybe I was and my hematocrit was 49.1. I decided to retest on Thursday and make sure I was hydrated and it came back at 44. My question is does anybody know how accurate the quest lab test is? I’ve always been told that hematocrit is usually accurate within 2 points depending on hydration but a five point swing seems like a lot. I suppose it’s possible that I was moderately dehydrated on the first test and slightly over hydrated on the second so the reality is somewhere in between.

I’ve just always looked at my hematocrit number as an absolute number and now I’m starting to realize that maybe if the lab is accurate that it really fluctuates that much based on hydration and I want to keep it lower than I would’ve otherwise to account for possible dehydration issues.
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