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  1. Blackhawk

    Testosterone assay experts... puzzling results

    I am following up on my most recent protocol: Daily T cyp/prop results I am taking T cyp/prop blend at 4:3 ratio, 56mg daily, and HCG 400iu E4D. I wanted to see peak and trough, so got two blood draws. One was covered by insurance through labcorp, the other I bought on discounted labs since it...
  2. N

    Any Canadians used Discounted Labs with Quest or Labcorb in the US recently?

    Im Canadian and before Covid I would purchase a panel from Discounted Labs or PrivateMD Labs and then run down across the border to Labcorp to have blood drawn. I'm wondering if this is still doable or if there's any red tape issues? I tried to call Lapcorp and Quest but there's no option to...
  3. W

    Hematacrit lab accuracy and fluctuation throughout the day

    So I had a CBC on Tuesday and didn’t think I was dehydrated, but my veins didn’t really show up very well so maybe I was and my hematocrit was 49.1. I decided to retest on Thursday and make sure I was hydrated and it came back at 44. My question is does anybody know how accurate the quest lab...
  4. A

    My testosterone is 35 ng/dL on trt

    I’ve been on 120mg Test Cyp for 2 years normally my levels are 900 they came back at 35 (250-1100) and I’m freaking out. I ordered the lcms through discounted labs and went to quest. What is happening this is from the pharmacy Actavis brand I inject every 6 days
  5. bennettjc

    Free T Lab Ranges/Units Confusion

    Hi! This is post for fellow obsessives and professionals and everyone else. ;-) I have heard various providers speak about desirable Free T levels being about "25-50." And it makes sense that units being attached to these ranges be in ng/dl because those are the units that Total T is reported...
  6. T

    Quest Diagnostics - Estradiol Range is Inadequate

    See attached. I recentlay had bloodwork done, and my Ultrasensitive Estradiol came back at a 4. Typically, I would say this is low, however, they showed a range of <29. Accroding to them this was in the “Green” zone, and I am good to go. I am not buying it. What are your thoughts? I wasn’t...
  7. E

    Quest Free T Reference Ranges

    Hello, I had blood work done in May and the reference range for Free T was- 35.0-155.0 pg/mL Just had them done again in October and they changed to - 46.0-224.0 pg/mL Anyone know why they changed this seems like a big jump?
  8. Ckblgr

    Crazy ~800 ng/dl Drop while on TRT--- Faulty Quest Test?

    Hey all, first post, I started TRT 4 weeks ago and have been getting my own blood draws every week. My prescribed regimen is 20mg test cyp and 140mcg HCG SubQ every day. I'm also prescribed 0.125mg arimidex 2x/week, but have been avoiding taking it. End of week 3, my Quest results were 942...
  9. J

    Wildly Different E2 Numbers - LabCorp vs. Quest

    I won't bore everybody with details and fluff - the numbers speak for themselves. Bottom line, Quest and LabCorp E2 numbers are nowhere near each other based on recent lab work I had done (Quest numbers were 2x LabCorp numbers). Be careful if you are managing E2 with only a single lab...
  10. B

    This lab gets my vote

    Hi All - FYI: I did some shopping around and this is the place where I've consistently found the best pricing on labs. You can choose to go to either a Quest or LabCorp collection center. No Dr. Rx needed and I always check the "weekly promotions" where sometimes you'll find packages at discount...
  11. T

    Did my doctor order the best test for me?

    Hi all, I got my first blood test back (pre trt) from quest diagnostics (image attached). I've looked through a lot of posts and videos and my test does not look like most tests I see online. Did my doc order the best test for me? I can see the testosterone is low (as I expected) but are...
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