Help with urinary issues while on TRT - BPH or 'overactive pelvic floor muscle'


Hey Nelson,
i read the article, however frequent nocturnal voiding is not one of my issues. I only go once a night. All of the issues I outlined are daytime only -

intermittence, urgency, frequency, strain (not nocturnal thank God). Stream stops on it's own, almost like something is contracting by itself, have to push and force to restart. No feeling of relief after going. Sometimes going back to back.

Let me add the symptoms below apply as well..

  • straining or pain during bowel movements.
  • Pain or pressure in the rectum.
  • a bulge / muscle spasm in the rectum

Lowering my Testosterone dose did not fix the problem. I came down from 200mg > 160mg > 150mg > 100mg > I am now on my 10th week at 56mg/week daily injections and the issues persist.

Currently working with Defy to get E2 dialed in for Cialis to work. I think it will solve these issues.

Will keep you guys updated,
Thank you

Nelson Vergel

Loved Dr Crisler. But he was one of the main preachers in the anti estradiol movement. He later changed his stance when he learned about the sensitive test and new data. At the end of his life he did not even take an AI.

There is no data whatsoever linking estradiol and BPH. We even have data now that does not even link BPH with TRT.

Nelson Vergel




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