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hCG Injection Protocols
Let's start by saying that there are no hard and fast rules for hCG injection protocols. There are a number of well known Physicians who have recommendations and prescribe based on their experience with patient's subjective responses to treatment and subsequent serum levels. There are other variables as well that need to be taking into consideration when contemplating hCG injection protocols like whether or not the man is Primary or Secondary Hypogonadal can determine hCG injection protocols.

That being said, there are a number of hCG injection protocols that appear more commonly and are based on Testosterone injection frequency and or the use of a cream or gel.

Note: It's not advisable to inject more then 500iu's of hCG in any 24 hour period as it can increase intratesticular E2 which an AI is largely ineffective in controlling. Additionally, there is a theory that large amounts of hCG may desensitize the receptors on the lydeg cells.

Once a Week Testosterone Injection Protocols
If a man injects Testosterone on a once a week basis the more common protocol is to use 250IU of hCG two days before and one day before their next testosterone injection. The theory here is that Testosterone serum levels are at near half life and the injection of hCG on these days increase natural production creating a bridge until the next testosterone injection.

Twice a Week Testosterone Injections
If a man injects twice a week similar to an every 3.5 day schedule the more common protocol are smaller doses more frequently. It's not uncommon to see men inject 250IU of hCG on an EOD basis or on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday protocol.

Cream or Gel Daily Use
If a man uses a Cream and/or Gel some of the top Testosterone Replacement Physicians, like Dr. John Crisler, recommend patients use 100iu of hCG every day.

hCG Injections
Injecting hCG prevents a drug induced Human chorionic gonadotropin deficiency and helps support the other androgen pathways as well. When men are on a TRT protocol without hCG and then add in hCG many report a significant improvement in mood that many attribute to restored Human chorionic gonadotropin levels.
When injecting hCG, you inject into the fat under the skin just the same as diabetics inject insulin. The product literature is all about use a fertility drug for women with large IM [injected into muscle] doses. There is no need for men to inject hCG IM.

Research using SC injections in men has demonstrated the effectiveness of the 250 iu EOD dosing. You can seek diabetic patient educational material for insulin injection techniques to use for hCG and/or testosterone injections.
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