E2 Recovery After Tanking (with results)

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I've posted on here several times that my previous Dr tanked my E2 by pre-mixing A'dex with my Test Cyp (200mg T with 1mg Arimidex). I switched Drs, who kept everything the same, but gave me 0.3mg A'dex pills.

I was instructed NOT to take the A'dex for my first two injections (Friday, June 15th and Monday, June 18th). The bloods were drawn on Friday morning (June 22nd) before my injections.

I started TRT on 4/24/2018.



0.5mg A'dex E3.5D



Same but added DHEA and increased HCG



No AI for one week (2 doses of 100mg E3.5D)

In summary:

  • I was able to bump up my E2 slightly (5 pg/mL) by adding DHEA and increasing HCG frequency while on the 1mg of A'dex per week
  • After two doses of 100mg without Arimidex, my E2 has jumped up to 57.9 (from 19.9 three weeks earlier).
I hope to lower my E2 by reducing the Test Cyp dose (which we will do after next consult...he just wanted to change one thing at a time - which was the Arimidex this time). I did take 0.3mg of Arimidex after my Monday injection, so I'll continue on 0.3mg Arimidex E3.5D and see how it goes.