Can't take a deep breath

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Is it possible TRT is causing me to not be able to take a deep breath? It's not shortness of breath, it is only when I attempt to take a deep breath. I feel like I can take in more air and my lungs will not let me.

Current protocol:

.29 ml Tuesday/Friday
500 IU HCG Monday/Wed/Friday
81mg aspirin daily
50mg DHEA daily
12g L Arginine daily
200mg CoQ10 daily

Blood pressure 131/79
Resting heart rate 49

My last lab results were 5 months ago and my Hematocrit was 49.9 and RBC 5.85

Would donating blood help in any way?
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I don't see any reason why trt would stop you from taking deep breaths. The only thing I would do is CBC blood test and make sure your HCT is still in a good range. If it is very worrisome for you, you may want to just check with your doctor to see what's is causing it.
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