difficulty breathing

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  1. G

    Trouble taking a full "satisfying" breath

    Hi there, I could really use some help. I have been on 38 mg Test Cyp EOD for around a year now and recently have begun having an extremely troublesome problem. I donated blood twice for a work function recently (both donations were 56 days apart). The last donation was around 4 weeks ago. Two...
  2. Reason

    Fatigue, anger, swollen ankles, etc.

    I'm currently dealing with a few things that may or may not be TRT related. I scoured these forums to see if I could find help with no conclusive answers. Background: 38, 5'11", 205lbs TRT since Feb 2018, currently 138mg/week (3x) + 500IU HCG (2x) + .125mg Anastrozole 2-3x as needed DHEA 25mg...
  3. T

    Can't take a deep breath

    Is it possible TRT is causing me to not be able to take a deep breath? It's not shortness of breath, it is only when I attempt to take a deep breath. I feel like I can take in more air and my lungs will not let me. Current protocol: .29 ml Tuesday/Friday 500 IU HCG Monday/Wed/Friday 81mg...
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